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Amid Criticisms, Afghan Authorities Reluctant to Publicize Cash Aid on Media

The international community’s $40 million cash aid packages are shipped to Kabul, however, the Taliban authorities do not publicize it on media anymore, a source in Afghanistan Central Bank on Saturday said.

May 14 was the last time, Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB) announced to have received a $40 million cash aid package as part of the humanitarian aid.

The flow of financial aid continues to Kabul but the Taliban officials have decided not to publicize it anymore, a source from DAB said.

The sources added that international organizations and aid groups transfer their required money to Afghanistan, and there has not been any change in the procedure so far.

Over the past nearly two years, Afghanistan’s central bank regularly reported the shipment of $40 million in cash aid to Kabul from the international community, which prompted massive criticism among the opposition groups and the people of Afghanistan.  

Previously, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) had criticized the publication of such reports by DAB are described it as “misleading and useless”.   

UNAMA had announced that cash aid is transferred to Kabul by the UN and is deposited in UN accounts in a commercial bank. The cash aid is aimed at helping the most vulnerable families throughout Afghanistan, not financing the Taliban de facto authorities.