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Chinese Mining Company To Invest $350 Million In Afghanistan

Fan China Afghan Mining Processing and Trading Company (FAMPTC) stated on Thursday that it would spend $350 million in Afghanistan over the next months in several industries, including electricity generation, the building of a cement factory, and healthcare.

In a meeting with Maulwi Abdul Kabir, the political deputy and acting prime minister, the FAMPTC representative discussed their investment intentions.

According to a statement issued by the prime minister’s office, the company’s representatives said they have professionals and specialists working on the projects and operational plans that will soon be executed in Afghanistan.

In response to “Fan China Afghan’s” investment proposal, Maulvi Abdul Kabir urged domestic and foreign investors to recognise and seize Afghanistan’s numerous economic opportunities.

The strong interest shown in recent years by Chinese corporations, particularly in the mining industry, demonstrates the government’s willingness to welcome investors from various industries.

According to the report, the Fan China Afghan Mining Processing and Trading Company (FAMPTC) is a partnership between Afghanistan’s Watan Group and China’s Xinjiang Central Asia Petroleum and Gas Co (CAPEIC).

According to officials, the Chinese Company was reportedly interested in investing in Afghanistan’s lithium deposits.

 “Several countries and investors have expressed interest in the lithium deposits in addition to the Chinese. The Chinese even said they are prepared to invest $10 billion,” the Ministry of Mine and Petroleum said.’

Since the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, China has influenced the country through economic and investment in the mine deposits in the country.

According to reports, the Chinese company have long wished to invest in the country’s lithium mines, which are worth more than $3 trillion.