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Hundreds of Asylum Seekers Reached UK by Boat: Report

At least 11, 434 asylum seekers have entered the United Kingdom using boat through the English Channel over the past six months according to UK government statistics.

In June alone, 3,824 refugees entered the UK, an unprecedented increase in the number of asylum seekers in the past five years, Sky News reported.

The news channel added that 155 immigrants in three separate boats entered the United Kingdom on Friday.

According to the latest reports, the entry of refugees to the UK through the English Channel has increased compared to past years.  

Last year, 3140 immigrants entered the UK after crossing the English Channel. This figure was about 2177 in 2021, 727 in 2020, and only four in 2018.

The arrival of refugees to the UK has once more heated the immigration debate among the members of the right-wing Conservative Party, and now British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is under pressure from his own party for failing to deliver on his promise to stop the arrival of refugees by boat.

While opposing the flexible immigration system of the UK, right-wing politicians have asked Rishi Sunak to minimize migration to the United Kingdom.

Lee Anderson, the Deputy Chairman of the British Conservative Party, referred to the economic cultural consequences of migration and said that reducing the number of refugees coming to the country is an important part of the party’s request.

“As members of the Conservative Party, we believe in democracy and governing for the British people, not non-British people,” said a Conservative Party PM.

Members of the ruling Conservative Party have presented a new 12-point plan to the Prime Minister, which in part emphasizes ending temporary visas for workers and limiting the number of refugees allowed to stay in the UK.