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Rusia warns US nuclear weapons to return to UK risks escalation


Russia sees the return of US nuclear weapons to bases in Britain as an “escalation and destabilizing practice,” says Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova.

She said that the practice involves NATO members planning and training for nuclear strikes against Russia from non-nuclear European countries, which she views as anti-Russian.

It is “openly anti-Russian in nature, as it provides for joint planning and regular training exercises for the prompt delivery of nuclear strikes by members of NATO, which is hostile to us against targets in Russia from the territory of non-nuclear European countries,” she said as cited by Reuters.

She emphasized the demand for returning American nuclear weapons to the US and eliminating their quick deployment infrastructure in Europe.

“We will continue to demand the return of all American nuclear weapons to US territory, followed by the removal of infrastructure that would allow them to be quickly deployed in Europe,” she added, as reported by Reuters.

Since February 2022, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has taken a devastating turn. This ongoing escalation has resulted in the tragic loss of hundreds of lives and the displacement of millions of Ukrainians, who have been forced to flee their homes in search of safety and refuge. The situation has not only caused a humanitarian crisis but has also strained international relations, drawing global attention to the region’s instability.

In addition to the human toll, the conflict has evolved in terms of tactics and technology. Ukraine has strategically employed drones, particularly targeting Moscow, as a means to undermine Russia’s security and exert pressure on the opposing side. This shift in warfare tactics highlights the growing importance of technology in modern conflicts and the impact it can have on the dynamics of the situation.

Despite international efforts to broker a peaceful resolution, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine remains far from reaching a satisfactory agreement. The complexities of the situation, combined with deeply rooted political and historical factors, make it a challenging issue to resolve. As a result, there is still no immediate hope for a peaceful settlement, and the ongoing conflict continues to have far-reaching consequences for both nations and the global community.