Antigua and Barbuda
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LETTER: The Buck Stops at the Chief Immigration Officer

Dear Editor,

This is a strange country where no one in the public sector is ever held accountable.

5 Haitians escaped from custody, and a few days later 6 Indians are also missing.

All we get are excuses that make no sense from the Chief Immigration Officer.  CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATSAPP GROUP.

And as a matter of interest, they said the Indians came in early May and it seemed that immigration only realised this week that the people are missing.

The Chief Immigration Officer must be relieved of her post now.

It should not matter that her father is a Minister.

This must serve as a lesson to all politicians.

Do not do political favours with key positions and put square pegs in round holes.

Our national security is now under threat and no one will be held accountable.

If anything like this happened in the private sector that person would be fired immediately.

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And where is the Minister of Immigration in all of this? He has been very silent.

True Davis