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Man to be sentenced for having sex with five-year-old niece


A 21-year-old is set to be sentenced late next month for having sex with his five-year-old niece. CLICK HERE TO JOIN WHAT’S APP GROUP

The youngster, who previously pleaded guilty to the charge of incest, is said to have had sex with the minor on at least two occasions on December 28, 2019.

According to the brother of the complainant, on the night in question, he and his uncle were playing football in Ovals and returned home after 9 pm.

The then-eleven-year-old boy was sent to purchase something, and when he returned, he saw his then 18-year-old uncle in the bedroom where his sister and mother slept and observed him pulling up both of their pants.

The young boy noticed that his uncle’s penis was erect, and he questioned what had taken place.

The accused laughed.

The boy then went to sleep, but during the night, he woke up to find his uncle penetrating the young child.

He even saw the accused cleaning the child before dressing her and himself.

The young boy immediately woke his mother and told her what he’d witnessed, who, when she checked her young daughter, found evidence of the cleaning.

The mother further cleaned the victim, and sent both of her children back to sleep, while she messaged the complainant’s father to inform him about the incident.

The mother reported the matter to the police the next morning, and when questioned, the five-year-old told the police that her uncle always assaulted her sexually.

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She also stated that the accused threatened to kill her mother if she told anyone about what he’d been doing to her.

The defendant was taken into custody, and when questioned by the police, he denied the allegations and said that he only used to masturbate over her, and touch her with his penis.

When asked why he did this, he responded that, “He was horny and wanted sex.”

The pedophile will be sentenced on June 24 after the court obtains a probation report and conducts a victim impact assessment. CLICK HERE TO JOIN WHATS APP GROUP

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