Seven reasons some people have never caught Covid, according to experts

It's hard to believe that more than two years after the

Covid pandemic, there are still people who have never been infected with the virus. Despite hundreds of millions of people being victims of the coronavirus, a significant number have not yet been tested positive.

Britain was the first to be blocked because Covid-19 spread around the world in early 2020 and people are still infected today. However, thanks to the success of the vaccine program, it is now considered controlled.Birmingham Live Report

More than 180,000 patients have died and 22.7 million have been infected with Covid. So far, according togovernmentdata. However, many have never caught the virus, andscientistsare trying to figure out why.

Several major international studies are underway to find out what the magical spell is. This means they dodge the virus.

In Midland, Dr. Tara Hurst, a lecturer in biomedical sciences at Birmingham City University, is studying this area. Dr. Hurst only signed with Covid last fall, but she said she knew the "Covid Lottery."

She said, "Some people say they are poor people who have never experienced Covid and have experienced it several times." "This is a very complex area and much research is currently underway."

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Given the rising Covid rate, it's hard to figure out what can keep people unaffected by Covid. Especially important. This is even more important given that a new variant of ,, has arrived on the British coast and may be resistant to vaccines.

So why did some people never have Covid?

They had Covid but were unaware

Dr. Hurst declares he never has the coronavirus Many people said they probably had it.

"It's likely they had it, but they had no symptoms," she said. "I don't think I've actually had it, but I think it's 45-90 percent of those who think it was asymptomatic."

She tested positive in one study. He said that 45 percent of people were found to be actually asymptomatic. And once vaccinated, there is often no way to know if you have been infected with Covid.

You just thought you had a cold

There is another group of people who had a Covid but rejected it as a cold. This is because the list of symptoms changed as the pandemic continued.

Dr. Hurst said: Just a cold.

Not everyone is tested

Another factor is testing. This was important for measuring the official rate of the population. Some people have to be inspected regularly for work, some have never been inspected, and others have only done a cross-current test. This is not as reliable as a PCR test.

They are genetically different

Dr. Hurst has never been Covid and has never been vaccinated. Said that there is also a special but small group of people. This may be unlucky, but it's likely that something is happening in their genetics that makes them resistant to viruses such as Covid.

"These people are certainly very rare and something is happening in their bodies that means they can get infected with the virus, but it affects their cells. Don't give, that is, they don't actually develop Covid, "Dr. Hurst said.

Currently, research is underway to dig deeper into the health of these people and requires attendees (details at the bottom of this article).

Their "negative" test was wrong

As the pandemic continues, the most common way to tell if you have a Covid isImmunochromatography (LFT).At the height of the infection, LFT was distributed free of charge, readily available, and easy to implement.

All everyone had to do was put a cotton swab on their nose and wait a bit for results. However, LFT was not as reliable and accurate as the more unpleasant PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test. This included a swab that provokes a gag on the back of the throat.

Some healthcare professionals have stated that LFT accuracy is only 40%. That is, millions of people with "negative" results could actually have been positive.

They are very healthy

Dr. Hurst said that those who had no or never had Covid's symptoms were "super". He said it can be considered "healthy". However, they are likely to have a stronger immune system

"This may result in their genetics, but in essence they are very powerful and viral. Has an immune system that fights against, "she said. "They are in good general health due to factors such as good levels of vitamins C and D. High levels of stress can adversely affect the immune system, so stress is also a major factor in this.

They behave differently

Your way of life and behavior has a big impact on whether you are a prey to Covid. There is a possibility. Measures such as wearing masks in public, avoiding large numbers of people, vaccination, and staying away from strangers (being close) have all been proven to reduce the chances of getting a virus. increase.

Like a common cold, if you live in the countryside and do not make frequent contact with people, you are less likely to catch a cold.

Does this mean they don't get Covid?

The answer is that no one knows. Dr. Hurst said: "Thanks to the lucky stars for those who have never eaten."

In the future, the infection will begin to reoccur and another wave may occur in the fall and winter. There is a possibility that new variants will emerge. Dr. Hurst said: "If you're vaccinated, the rest is common sense and wise."

* To find out why some people have never had a Covid More details oncan be found here to learn more about participating in the study.This is open only to those who have never been ill and have never been vaccinated.

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