Australian government says it managed COVID well, yet ‘thousand are trapped overseas’

Australian government says it managed COVID well, yet 'thousand are trapped overseas'

Sky News contributor Campbell Newman says government and mainstream media say COVID has been managed well in Australia, yet the plight of the tens of thousands Australians trapped overseas tells us a lot about the real performance of those in charge. "Government, and mainstream members of the fourth estate, have pushed a line that COVID-19 has been well handled in this country," Mr Newman said. "Well I beg to differ. “How is it, and why is it, that Australia is one of the most difficult countries in the western world to get into and out of at the current time?” Mr Newman said. “We have mining camps, defence bases, empty resorts and hotels that are close to major airports,” Mr Newman said. “They should have been used.” The fact they haven’t, “demonstrates a lack of flexibility and innovation in (the government’s) thinking”. Mr Newman said the government had also demonstrated a failure to look ahead and plan properly, because despite there being an abundance of full paid public servants with “time on their hands,” no one was given the job of planning for federal government controlled quarantine at the international border. “Finally, and importantly, it shows how they really don't understand the true impact on economic activity and our recovery,” he said. “For example, I know of a major aerospace company and the difficulties they have faced in getting specialist technicians in from overseas to work on certain aircraft. “If the work is not done, the aircraft don't fly at all. “We need to end this farcical situation soon.”

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