Man’s bizarre gripe after choking girlfriend

A man who says he strangled his girlfriend to death because she goaded him into it complained to police about having a tough time in custody and not having soap, a court has heard.

The Supreme Court of Victoria on Tuesday was played Adam Margolis’s police interview, recorded about five days after he choked 26-year-old Mai-Yia Vang to death then attempted suicide.

In his first record of interview after killing Ms Vang and leaving her body on his floor for almost two days, he started by saying he wanted it on the record that he didn’t have any soap.

The then-38 year old told police he found “this detainment to be a genuine breach of my human rights” after he was transferred to prison from Bendigo Hospital on March 1, 2018.

“I’ve been denied medication and I’m in a significant amount of pain,” he said.

“I’ve been treated beyond badly by the staff here.”

He said the murder charge was “frivolous” and “she deliberately goaded me into doing what I did”.

Mr Margolis met Ms Vang on chat website Omegle about one month before he strangled her to death on the night of February 24, 2018.

Three weeks after they first connected she moved to Bendigo to be with him.

One week later she was dead.

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Mr Margolis told police the relationship was “rocky” but “she always was contrite” because “the vast majority of the time it was her doing something”.

He told police on March 1 that Ms Vang “intentionally got me into a state where I would kill her” by triggering a flashback related to PTSD.

“Mai knew me very intimately, she understood the nature of my PTSD,” he alleged.

“She intentionally drew me into a situation where she wanted me to attack her.”

When asked how Ms Vang died he said he wouldn’t answer because “that would create an inappropriate view of who I am, and my ethics”.

“That’s a very negative starting point,” he said.

Mr Margolis took audio recordings and made a video of his girlfriend, which he told police proved she “was not in a sound state of mind”.

“She was well aware of what she was doing,” he said.

“I don’t know why she did it.”

The court previously heard that Mr Margolis sent messages from Ms Vang’s account to her sisters on Facebook while she was lying dead on a mattress on the floor in his house.

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He tried to kill himself in the late afternoon of February 26, 2018, but was taken to hospital and survived to face trial charged with murder.

The court heard police were alerted to events through a 12-page email Mr Margolis sent to three acquaintances titled ‘I have killed a woman and committed suicide’.

The email asked the men to collect his cats before police set up a crime scene, telling them the bodies of himself and Ms Vang were in the back room away from the pets.

He wrote in the email that he came out of a blackout with Ms Vang in a chokehold.

He chose to keep strangling her because her “hysteria” and ”screaming” could result in police arriving and abusing him, he wrote.

But he told police afterwards he “loved her deeply” and was “heartbroken”.

The trial continues.

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