Sanity prevails in Seattle’s CHOP after protesters threaten Mayor’s personal safety

Sanity prevails in Seattle's CHOP after protesters threaten Mayor's personal safety

Despite shootings, lawlessness and crime linked to Seattle’s Capitol Hill Organised Protest (CHOP), Mayor Durkan did not order the police to retake the six-block area until her own home was threatened by protesters. CHAZ which was renamed CHOP following an internal dispute has finally been forced back into the United States after approximately three weeks of self-declared autonomy. The protesters were forced by authorities to relinquish control of the six-block area containing the local police precinct. However, as pointed out by Fox News host Tucker Carlson, this only occurred after a series of killings gave “the world’s youngest country … the world’s highest per capita murder rate”. Mr Murray said “the whole reason why these idiots were able to take hold for as long as they did is because you can’t dare to upset these sooks”. “Who cares that the cops got booted out, who cares that the businesses that were in there would get stuffed, who cares that the people who lived in the unit blocks … they can just suffer the summer of love”. Only after protesters held a rally in front of the Mayor of Seattle’s home, were police were ordered to retake CHOP. Image: AP

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