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The future of mowing is here

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By Scott Ellis

June 7, 2022 — 1.07pm

It’s the face of your home, the place where you spend hours enjoying life but for many, keeping the yard in shape has been a chore. But now, with the EGO Z6 Zero Turn Mower, it can be a lot simpler… and it can even be fun, says EGO’s Jason Ellis.

Lift your yard to the next level.

Lift your yard to the next level.Credit:iStock

“The EGO Z6 LCD interface features three driving modes: Control, Standard and Sport, all accessed with the touch of a finger. This allows the rider to adjust the performance of the mower to suit their experience level and the performance of the cutting,” Ellis says. “The adjustable air-ride suspension seat makes the ride so smooth you won’t want to get off the Z6… You’ll be hoping the grass will grow quicker so you can get out and cut again!”

Fully electric and with the industry’s fastest charging system - just two hours for four 10Ah batteries before it can take on a yard up to two acres in size on a single charge - the mower is good to go, good for the environment and good for the neighbours.

“More and more people are wanting to move away from petrol products in general whether it be for the environment, the noise or because they do not want to deal with and store petrol on their property,” Ellis says. “Being cordless and using the 56V ARC Lithium battery technology means there’s no noise, fuss or fumes so it is extremely user friendly and therefore friendly to the neighbours and the environment.

“With the lights and lack of noise it even means you can better plan your day – you can beat the heat and do the yard early morning or late at night and the high intensity LED lights means it is safe to do so.”

And if you’re yard’s bigger than two acres, no problem. Same thing if you start to run low on power, just add more batteries (all compatible across the EGO platform), for performance the equal of petrol mowers.

The EGO Power+ 107cm (42″) Z6 Zero Turn Riding Mower.

The EGO Power+ 107cm (42″) Z6 Zero Turn Riding Mower.Credit:EGO

Through four independent brushless motors delivering 22 horsepower and reaching a top speed of 13km/h, The EGO Power+ 107cm (42″) Z6 Zero Turn Riding Mower produces power like no other ZTR (Zero Turn Riding mower), with an adjustable blade speed that means the user can customise the performance to achieve optimal cutting outcome.

Combined with Zero Turn technology for precise manoeuvrability, it all results in precision and an unmatched experience. “The Zero Turn radius feature allows precise manoeuvrability so that a lawn can be cut efficiently and effectively,” Ellis says. “The user has full control over where they need to go and the ability to tackle all garden layouts.”

Thanks to increased garden living brought about by the recent lockdowns, people have come to realise they need more from their yard than just something to walk past on the way to the front door or the clothesline. Lawns are now sports fields, picnic spots, somewhere to walk the dog and relax, which means keeping them in perfect condition is a priority. And if you can do it yourself? Even better.

“As the old saying goes, a person’s home is their castle,” Ellis says. “People have been at home more than ever lately and therefore are really taking pride in how their house and more importantly their garden looks since this is the first thing visitors see. Keeping it in the best condition is now easier than ever.”

And with the EGO Z6 the result is simple, precise and a lot of fun.

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