TV for Wednesday, July 15

Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in ParadiseCredit:


Series return ★★★

8.30pm, Ten

Fancy ogling a group of hot twentysomethings not wearing very much while gallivanting around a tropical island? Of course you do. Bachelor in Paradise isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but – like Love Island – its sense of humour and essential harmlessness (these are all consenting adults who’ve already been around the Bachelor circuit once) make it a not-so-guilty pleasure. Plus. You know. Ciarran’s back.






There’s one problem with Duncanville, the animated comedy from Parks and Rec alumni Mike Scully and Amy Poehler. It’s nice. There’s a lot of talent here (Scully and Poehler are joined by Ty Burrell and Rashida Jones, among others). And our protagonists’ quirkier siblings are good value. But the adventures of a gormless but harmless suburban teenager – Duncan – while often amusing are mostly just pleasant. A little silly. Kinda nice. If that sounds like you’re thing, check it out.

Hard Quiz

Hard QuizCredit:


Series return ★★★½

8pm, ABC

Our very own Oslo features in the return of Hard Quiz tonight. Unsurprisingly, his special subject is New Yorker cartoons. He also proves himself an adept points sneak, but does he have what it takes to defeat Julie the dingo-whisperer, Alyce the Rafael Nadal superfan, or the bloke with an inappropriate Spongebob fixation? In short, will mild-mannered cartoonist Oslo be able to Play! HARD? Watch and see.

Football news:

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Albert Ferrer: Barca need to become independent of Messi. Others should play more
Conte on rumors about Juve: I will sue whoever wrote this, as well as the editor-in-chief of this newspaper
Aubameyang on the failure of the FA Cup: That's how we do it
Manchester City remain Interested in Coulibaly and Pau Torres, despite ake's transfer from Bournemouth
Up to 10 players will leave Chelsea this summer. Among them are Kante, Kepa and Marcos Alonso
Sancho has agreed a 5-year contract with Manchester United. The clubs are at an advanced stage of negotiations