Pic-o’-De-Crop kaiso finalists named

By LaShawna Griffith

The finalists for the Pic-o’-De-Crop calypso contest were announced in the wee hours of Saturday morning at the Shining Stars Calypso Tent.

Around 12:30 a.m., Communications Officer at the National Cultural Foundation Simone Codrington and Pic-o’-De-Crop producer Aja announced the 17 calypsonians who will meet defending monarch Mr Blood.

From Cave Shepherd All Stars: Donella, Eric Lewis, Jude Clarke, Kid Site, Sammy Dello and Teri. 

From First Citizens De Big Show: Ac, Chrystal Cummins-Beckles, Classic, Edwin, Jslo, Mr Dale and TC. 

From House of Soca Calypso Tent: Faith and Miss Sammy G.

The lone finalist from Stray Cats is Sammy Jane.

There were no finalists from the Shining Stars or Super Gladiators tents.


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