“Berger Easy Clean” reintroduced with a strengthened formula

Accommodating customers with a new generation painting solution for elegant interiors, Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited has reintroduced its unique "Berger Easy Clean" strengthened with engineered, modified polyester fibers.

This improved formulation was created in partnership with the Reliance Group of India, ensuring increased quality. The formulation includes VIRGIN polyester and polypropylene (mono-filament fibres) for secondary reinforcement in construction applications, made by Recron, a flagship brand of Reliance.

This partnership has enabled Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited to be the first and only paint company in the country to implement such innovation with effective features such as UV sparkle cross linking polymer, superior stain resistance, low VOC, anti-fungal, faster roller/brush applicability.

The stronger formulation ensures even better washability, while common household stains can be removed using plain water or soap water. For extreme strain, T6 thinner (tarpin oil) can be used.

Berger Easy Clean entails patented engineered modified polyester fibres. This three-dimensional integrated webbed network boosts the comprehensive strength of the paint than any other conventional interior paints.

This particular variant of paint is available in drum, gallon, and liter sizes (18 liters, 3.6 liters, and 0.9 liter) across the country. This variant is a colorbank based product and offers more than 2000 shades.

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