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I didn’t go there because of that aggressive beast: Pori Moni

Pori Moni was supposed to participate in the much discussed and debated Celebrity Cricket League (CCL). The organisers had announced that the actress will play in one of the teams in this tournament. The organisers also claimed that Pori practiced before the match.

However, throughout the two-day game held at the indoor stadium, she was not seen playing.

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Today, after the incident of violence that occurred last night, she revealed her reason behind not attending the tournament.

In the Celebrity Cricket League last night, there was a sudden outburst of tension during the game between directors Mostafa Kamal Raz's team and Dipankar Dipon's team. This escalated into a physical altercation. The situation deteriorated to the extent that six members from both teams were injured and had to be hospitalised.

Actress Raj Ripa allegedly claimed that actor Sariful Razz had hit her during this incident. Ripa has complained in front of the media, and after a thorough investigation of the incident, she has demanded justice.

While all this was happening during the CCL, Pori Moni posted on her Facebook, "Just because I had to face this aggressive beast, I didn't go to CCL, thanks to the Almighty for that," she wrote. Although she didn't mention any name but the comments, but it was clear that she mentioned her ex-husband Sariful Razz.

In response to a comment on her post, "How do they become celebrities?", Pori Moni wrote, "You create them, and people like me inflate their egos. It is our fault."

Pori Moni had been in a complicated relationship with her husband Sariful Razz for some time. Allegations were made against both parties, and everything became public. Afterwards, both of them indicated through the media that they were not taking the relationship further, leading to them getting divorced.