They’re also opposing constitution

Workers Party yesterday at a virtual press briefing called upon all patriotic and democratic forces to get united to resist the "evil powers" who are opposing the construction of Bangabandhu's sculpture and misusing religion for their personal gain.

"Through opposing the construction of sculpture of Bangabandhu, they are also opposing the country's constitution and acting against the spirit of the Liberation War," Rashed Khan Menon, president of Workers Party, told the briefing.

"All democratic and patriotic forces will have to be united to resist these fundamentalists," he added.

The press conference was held to affirm the party's stance against the recent ongoing movement of some Islamist outfits including Hefajat-e Islam, Bangladesh Khelafat Majlish and Islami Andolan Bangladesh against sculptures.

In recent times, Hefajat top leaders including its newly-elected amir (chief) Junayed Babunagari and joint secretary general Mamunul Haque have been staging showdowns against the government's move to construct a sculpture of the Father of the Nation in the capital. In yesterday's press briefing, Menon called upon the government to handle fundamentalists with an iron hand. He said Islamist outfits are trying to turn "Bangladesh into another Pakistan".

Fazle Hossain Badsha, general secretary of the party and also a lawmaker, criticised the government for its "soft stance" against those who were opposing Bangabandhu's sculpture.

"This strategy of the government will not bring any good result," he said.

Workers Party leaders called upon the ruling Awami League to make the AL-led 14-party alliance more active and stronger to tackle Hefajat and other Islamist outfits politically.

About Babunagari and Mamunul, they said through speaking against Bangabandhu and the constitution, those two have violated the constitution.

They also said they were shocked that Babunagari and Mamunul were yet to be arrested.

At the event, party leaders also raised questions about the logic of banning political programmes in the capital without prior permission. 

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