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Too shy to brand yourself? Here are 4 reasons to build your personal brand

Imagine a 21st-century hunter, armed not with forgotten tools such as spears and shields, but with social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Instead of going after wild animals as prey, they're on the prowl for jobs, projects, consultancies, and financial gain. 

In such a world, personal branding is exactly like making sure your digital tools are super sharp. Not everyone has access to these tools; but the real question is: Are yours sharp enough to kill (land the opportunity)? It's not simply about having access to these tools; but about making them work like a charm. Personal branding is the secret dagger that sets you sharply apart in the digital jungle.

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Today, success boils down to your ability to create a compelling personal brand. It's what helps you shine amidst the online noise. Allowing your potential employers, clients, donors, partners or collaborators notice and approach you.

Why bother? 

Bangladesh's corporate scene is a fierce battlefield. In today's digital era, when you have got tonnes of choices, simply blending in is not enough anymore. Having a specific and serviceable skill or talent is no longer an add-on, but a necessity. 

It opens up multiple income sources 

Diversifying your income sources is a smart move in today's professional landscape. While it may seem ambitious to expect success from multiple avenues, it's increasingly common for professionals to maintain a "side hustle".

A side hustle, or a secondary gig or project alongside your primary job or career, is a way to explore new opportunities. Whether it's offering consultancy services, launching a start-up, or pursuing a passion project.

Why is this trend gaining momentum? Well, it's about hedging your bets and not relying solely on one income stream. In a world of constant change, having a side hustle enhances your financial security and allows you to follow your dreams, gain new skills, and take calculated risks.

Think of it as a safety net, a thrilling adventure, or a stepping stone to your dream career. While it may sound ambitious, many professionals have embraced side hustles as a strategic move toward success. 

Still not convinced? Imagine you live till 70. Multiply your current income, and triple the promotions you may possibly receive till then. Subtract your accumulated monthly living expenses. If the final number you calculated cannot buy you your dream house, it may be time to ponder upon opening up new income sources for yourself and your family. 

It keeps you relevant and valuable

Maintaining relevance and value in your industry is a pivotal strategy for career success. While there may be exceptions to this rule, in the vast majority of cases, opportunities gravitate toward those who actively market themselves. It's not just about accumulating followers or seeking fame; it's about consistently positioning yourself at the forefront of people's thoughts — what we marketers call staying on "top of mind" (TOM).

Picture your industry as a bustling marketplace with countless stalls. You could be offering something exceptional, but if people forget about your stall or do not know it exists, your offerings might as well not exist either. Being TOM means that when someone in your field seeks solutions or expertise that aligns with your skills, they immediately think of you. 

In today's fast-paced digital age, information overload is the norm. The average human notices a minimum of 4,000 brands a day, up to 10,000 brands. If you are not consistently visible at the right time, the game is lost.

However, being present doesn't mean you have to be a celebrity; it means being readily available and accessible when someone needs what you have to offer. In other, when they look for you.

It makes your current organisation crave you more

Maintaining your personal brand puts a smooth, subtle pressure on your current organisation to recognise your worth. By maintaining your personal brand, you ensure that your value is apparent both within and beyond your current workplace.

This proactive approach has significant (fun) advantages. Should the need for alternative job opportunities arise, you will not find yourself facing unfamiliar or uncomfortable conversations that you have never had before. You will be well-prepared to navigate the job market confidently. 

Even if you have no immediate plans to leave your current position, knowing your market value bolsters your self-confidence. It reaffirms your worth, ensuring that you are continuously seen as a valuable asset in your industry.

It opens the doors of exponential growth! 

Experiencing exponential growth in your career and finances requires active pursuit. The path to substantial wealth usually necessitates seizing opportunities for exponential growth, which can be quite scarce if you never look or ask for it. One hardly attempts to seek bananas at a waffle stand, even though they may sell it. 

These elusive opportunities tend to emerge when you have successfully branded yourself as an expert in a specific skill or subject. Becoming an authority in your niche opens doors to these rare prospects. 

Note to self —

As mandatory as it is to brand yourself, let me admit that only a few people are able to do it consistently and effectively. It requires guidance when self-guided efforts do not bear fruit. 

The time investment and gruesome journey of burying your insecurities in order to "put yourself out there" are not things that everyone is capable of. But I guess that's what makes you special.

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