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Man claims he can't walk after virus



A MAN who claims he’s been left unable to walk as a result of complications related to COVID-19 yesterday made an impassioned appeal for monetary assistance to survive.

“Right now I come from dialysis (and) I so hungry but I don’t know what I’m gonna eat,” 53-year-old Ricardo Mott told The Tribune.

“My job put me on half-pay, must be about four months ago, so we don’t have no food, no money coming in, nothing to put on the light, rent man call and every time he call we ask him to give us another two weeks but ain’t nothing at all coming in this house.”

Mr Mott believes he contracted COVID-19 while in hospital and insisting it happened “innocently”.

However, when asked to reveal the hospital he was referring to, Mr Mott declined to name the facility.

“I gone to the hospital because I was doing dialysis and when I come from dialysis one day I couldn’t walk... I couldn’t feel my foot.”

“So my wife came for me and they take me to the hospital. When I reach to the hospital, they had to take me out the car and put me in the wheelchair, and then they do the assessment with the temperature and all that.”

Mr Mott said he was in hospital for about three weeks before a doctor called his wife with conflicting results.

“So the doctor call my wife and tell her ‘Ricardo have one negative and one positive’. He call her back and probably in two hours say I have two positives.”

The husband and father said he tested positive for the virus on April 10.

He was then transferred to another hospital where he said the virus affected him “so bad”.

In fact, Mr Mott said two months of memories are “blank” from his mind. He recalled being “close to death’s door”.

Although discharged from hospital, Mr Mott said medical bills are mounting and it worries him.

He said he does have medical insurance but it will soon expire due to expenses he racked up in hospital and other places - claiming he was charged $2,000 per day to receive medical help.

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