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00:00 NIA Bill to be debated in Parliament soon
00:00 ‘Sin tax’ sacrifice needed to fund NHI
00:00 Gunned down as they played cards: Residents deny Pinewood victims linked to drugs
00:00 End In Sight for Bozine Land Dispute
00:00 Report: Bahamas Marine Protected Areas Valued in Billions – Builds Case For Network Expansion
00:00 Be the bearer of good news
00:00 New System Set to Modernise Customs Department and Increase Bahamas Rank for Ease of Doing Business
00:00 Oban chairman: GB best location for $5.5B oil facility
00:00 NIB Reform Foreshadowed
00:00 No complaints about room rates from major hotels, says tourism minister
00:00 Turnquest: Govt to determine when, how $90M from IDB will be used
00:00 Paradise Cruise CEO: Grand Lucayan reopening would boost cruise and stay program
00:00 2018 resolutions for career professionals
00:00 Pair Jailed for Drug/Gun Possession Charge
00:00 Dames To Criminals: Nowhere To Hide
00:00 David Burrows lost hearing in his right ear
00:00 Your cocktail of choice can have adverse affects on your calorie intake
00:00 Rousing start for the Rattlers
00:00 Gov’t To Review Concessions
00:00 A total of 13 Bahamian athletes now qualified for CARIFTA
00:00 New players added to The Bahamas’ roster
00:00 Grand Bahamian Brea Forbes excelling for NCAA Division II Lees-McRae College
00:00 Honoured for telling huge lies for Billionaires in Lyford Cay – Boy I tell ya!
00:00 Govt inks oil project deal
00:00 Concerns over Oban deal
00:00 Sands: PMH bed shortage still bad, but there is progress
00:00 Dames: NIA bill to be debated ‘very shortly’
00:00 Couple held in AK-47 and ganja find denies charges
00:00 The steady steps to progress
00:00 The Bahamas: A digital currency, blockchain technology and the future
00:00 The danger in what others wish for in Venezuela
00:00 Nightmares eventually end
00:00 Man charged with murder, attempted murder
00:00 BPL: Abaco power restoration to start today
00:00 We have another bad traffic accident on Grand Bahama
00:00 We have another bad traffic accident on Grand Bahama Monday night
00:00 With hundreds showing up and thousands unemployed the Labour Department called its Job Fair a “smashing success”!???
00:00 They said it was an accident but we believe it was murder!
00:00 Gov’t./Oban Energies Sign Heads of Agreement for $4 Billion Project
00:00 Workshop held for Determining National Strategy for the Development of Statistics
00:00 Minister of Tourism Has Meeting with Executives of Paradise Island Promotion Board
00:00 Grand Bahama Labour on the Blocks A Success
00:00 Rev. Dr. C. B. Moss - Recipient of The 2017 Lady Sassoon Golden Heart Award
00:00 Anger over Black Panther’s rating
00:00 RBPF Grand Bahama - Found firearm - Traffic accident
00:00 Abaco suffers power crisis
00:00 Questions raised over refinery deal
00:00 The Governor General Presents Lady Sassoon Golden Heart Award to Rev. Dr. C.B. Moss
00:00 'Labour on the Blocks' - New Providence South Western District - Saturday, February 24, 2018
00:00 'Labour on the Blocks' - New Providence South Western District - Feb. 24
00:00 OAS Small Business Development Representatives welcomed to Grand Bahama
00:00 Junkanoo Leaders and Stakeholders at 2018 National Junkanoo Conclave
00:00 Two dead, four injured in Pinewood shootings
00:00 We need work – now
00:00 Bahamas 3-Day Weather Forecast for Monday, February 19th
00:00 Customs being modernized
00:00 Doctor wants restaurants to label dishes with nutrition facts
00:00 Style Office Solutions expands from GB to East Bay Street
00:00 Grand Bahama Business Outlook to focus on how to revitalize Grand Bahama
00:00 The building permit process, pt. 3: Why there should be no shantytowns
00:00 Another ‘Labour on the Blocks’ job fair slated for Feb. 24
00:00 All-female team rules
00:00 Garvin Tynes sixth grade student inspires her peers through Beauty Queens Club
00:00 Hield scores 29 in NBA’s Rising Stars Challenge
00:00 Evans, Longhorns prepare for Big 12 Championships
00:00 Ayton dominates in Wildcats’ win over Arizona State
00:00 Failures within national sports fraternity need to be addressed
00:00 DPM: No new risk from oil refinery
00:00 Two dead after Pinewood shooting
00:00 Former judge: PM’s analogy about speaker’s authority incomplete
00:00 BCC to meet to form position on new marital rape bill
00:00 Govt eyes more resources for Coroner’s Court
00:00 Govt trying to identify land for housing program
00:00 A boost to the City of Nassau
00:00 Davis critical of labor initiative, but Foulkes says govt won’t be distracted
00:00 Darville: PM’s promise of low-cost lots a dream come true
00:00 Foulkes blasts PLP for its criticism of bahamians landing jobs
00:00 Serious accident just outside Fox Hill Prisons…
00:00 President’s Day in America on Monday
00:00 Another round of shooting in Pinewood last night send three to hospital…
00:00 Look at the hundreds of Bahamians on Grand Bahama unemployed at a Job Fair…
00:00 Robbery at KFC Carmichael this morning….
00:00 Looks like Carmichael and Golden Gates are target spots for robbers…
00:00 Movie Masters to give Film Lesson in Bahamas
00:00 RBPF Nassau: Police investigates shooting incidents
00:00 Black Panther - Movie review by Rouén Robinson
00:00 Traveling Caribbean Film Showcase With Movie Masters Mixers
00:00 Legal Roundtable on Copyrights, Trademarks & Patents Feb. 20th
00:00 Two killed, one injured in Pinewood Gardens shooting
00:00 Fourth KEG Seminar set for Feb. 22

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Man Remanded For Murder

A 32-year-old man was arraigned in Magistrate’s Court for the alleged shooting death of 34-year-old Antoine Pierre.

Appearing before Deputy Chief Magistrate Andrew Forbes, Brisson Jean was formally charged with the September 2, 2016 murder of Pierre.

According to l police reports, Pierre who was shot multiple times in the Union Village area on Friday, September 2, died in hospital of his wounds two days later.

Jean, who was not required to enter a plea because of the nature of the crime, was remanded to The Bahamas Department of Corrections.

Before being given his date to return to court, Jean told Magistrate Forbes, that he could not have committed the crime as Pierre was his “friend”.

He told the court that he spent nights at Pierre’s home and even at times ate food cooked by Pierre’s mother.

Forbes, then told Jean that he would have an opportunity to present his side at trial.

A sister of the deceased said she came to court to witness for herself that Jean was being arraigned.

With tears in her eyes, she told this Journal that she could not believe that Jean could have done the crime, noting that he is close to the family.

Jean returns to court on February 1st when he will be presented with a Voluntary Bill of Indictment that will fast tract his case to the Supreme Court.

He was not represented by an attorney.