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PM challengesEuropean Union

Dear Editor,

The Commonwealth of The Bahamas recently celebrated our golden jubilee anniversary. It made us all proud.

I vividly remember last year when we were blacklisted by the European Union (EU). This affected us adversely.

In his first trip after our celebrations, Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis has also made us all proud. According to local and international media, in a well received and hard-hitting contribution at the plenary session of the third European Union-Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (EU-CELAC) summit in Brussels, Belgium, our prime minister “bravely” condemned that action. He outwardly accused the EU of being unfair and biased and challenged it to “take your economic feet off our necks…and to fulfill the commitments made to The Bahamas”.

Our prime minister is often derided about his frequent international trips, but this trip ably demonstrated that, though small in size and population, The Bahamas is well prepared and able to speak out about injustices levied on smaller, mostly Caribbean, nations.

In conclusion, it’s my hope that after this magnificent contribution, our members of Parliament from both sides and the general public, adorning both gold and red colors, will applaud his gallant efforts on behalf of our nation and fellow Caribbean brothers and sisters.

Arnold F. Bain Jr.