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Take care out there!

Insurers Association calls for caution on the roads.

The Botswana Short Term Insurers Underwriters Association (BSTIUA) has urged the public to be extremely careful on the roads this Easter Holidays.

Chatting to Voice Money, the Association’s Chairperson, Patience Marwiro, noted travel restrictions and Covid-19 protocols over the past two years have meant less movement on the road during the holidays.

“However, things are different this year as travel restrictions have been lifted. It follows, therefore, that we will see increased traffic on our roads. This Easter, we are urging members of the public to exercise care and caution on the roads,” said Marwiro.

BSITUA is an association of all the licensed and practising short-term insurance and reinsurance companies in Botswana.

Some of its objectives include complementing and/or supplementing the functions of the regulator by acting as a self-regulatory body.

The association further seeks to establish a sound insurance structure and promote greater efficiency within the industry, as well as promoting education and training in all aspects of insurance.

Marwiro admitted there has been an unnecessary loss of life and damage to property over the years, especially before the pandemic hit.

“Simply adhering to road rules such as speed limits, avoiding driving when tired or under the influence of alcohol and drugs, and avoiding texting on a cellphone can reduce accident prevalence,” stressed Marwiro, who is also the Managing Director (MD) of Emeritus Reinsurance Company.

She pointed out accidents also increase the prevalence of people living with a disability, which has a ripple effect on families and society at large.

“While insurance can mitigate the impact of accidents by replacing the assets, it does not bring back lives lost. I urge every road user to make the decision to be responsible and respect other road users,” she reiterated passionately.