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B.T.B. Course will Help Trainees Sharpen Their Skills

Jun 20, 2023

B.T.B. Course will Help Trainees Sharpen Their Skills

Melissa Castillo

We also spoke with two of the trainees who explained why they thought attending the sessions was practical for the places they represent. Melissa Castillo told us that she is transitioning into the Hotel industry in Orange Walk, while Marcelli Richards explained that BELTRAIDE can do with the course post-COVID.

Melissa Castillo, Hotel & Resort Mgr., Hotel de la Fuente and El Gran Mestizo Resort, Orange Walk

“I was looking into doing a training for my team into learning about customer service and how to provide a better service to our customers. And it, um, well, my boss had mentioned to me. that he wanted me to take some courses. So I thought, might as well I take the chance to ask Miss Tracy about it. And she mentioned that this course was actually starting today. So I, uh, discussed it and my boss agreed for me to take it. Now, I don’t have much hotel experience. Other than with them currently. So, he wanted me to expand my knowledge in it. And, in order for me to be able to lead the team better as well. I need to teach them what I learned here. So, that is the goal.”

Marcelli Richards

Marcelli Richards, Representative, B-TEC Unit, BELTRAIDE

“Being that we do cover industries and training such as hospitality and the latter service industry, we felt like this would be very beneficial just to keep up to date with the latest trends. And also just because customer service is, I like to mention, it’s an evolving skills that is necessary. Of course, just because, um, our tourism industry is very, very, um, important here in our country, Belize, um, being that we went through a little blow. Um, we have observed likewise, the BTB that we’re regenerating our tourist attraction and attractions that we’re having coming through the country, and we just want to have everybody that’s more prepared or, um, better prepared to engage with persons so we can have our tourism industry pumping at full rate that it was before.”