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ComPol Says Marybeth Hoodwinked the System to Get Gun License

Jun 12, 2023

ComPol Says Marybeth Hoodwinked the System to Get Gun License

Marybeth Wade

And, while ComPol Williams was waiting on the outcome of Usher’s case before taking action, he did not waste any time in revoking Marybeth Wade’s gun license, after concluding that she received it through fraudulent means. According to ComPol Williams, he signed off on an application that painted a squeaky clean picture of Marybeth Wade. That is until he discovered that she was allegedly involved in illicit activities and that her application purportedly contained a false signature. Here is how ComPol Williams explained what happened in that situation.

Chester Williams

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police

“Marybeth did apply for a firearm license. At the time of her application it was just prior to Tanga’s death or prior to her being Famous through social media with Tanga’s death and other issues where she was back and forthing with other people on social media. So, I personally did not know who Marybeth was and she applied for a firearm license. Her vetting that came before me was squeaky clean. I think if I was to vet myself, her vetting would be better than mine. Based on that, I did approve the gun license for her. About a week or so after the approval I got a call from someone who said to me commissioner do you know Marybeth? I said, no, why? They said, because Marybeth has a gun license. Did you issue the gun license to her? So, I said to the person, I don’t know but I could check to see. So I said, why are you asking? They said, because Marybeth is known as a dur in the Crooked Tree area. Immediately upon getting off the phone with the person I pulled the file and the vetting was squeaky clean. What I did was to call the special branch officer whose name appeared on the vetting as having conducted the vetting and so I called the officer and asked, do you know who Marybeth is? He answered and said yes I know. I asked, who is she? He began to tell me that Marybeth is accused or it is alleged she is one of the dur in Crooked Tree. I said, if you know that then why do you have a clean vetting on her? He said, know I did not vet Marybeth. I said, well I have a vetting here with your name. He said, boss I did not vet her. So, I sent the vetting to him via Whatsapp and asked him to look at it and tell me if he recognized the vetting. I sent the vetting to him and he said I was not the one who did the vetting. So it turns out she might have paid somebody to fabricate a vetting with her application form and that was approved. Well right away upon getting that from the police officer, I told the police officer as he was the one in charge of the area, I said go an search Marybeth house now and take away the firearm, I will send the revocation letter. So, they went and confiscated the firearm and I sent the revocation letter. When I sent the revocation letter an attorney called and said ComPol I am representing Marybeth. I said to him, Marybeth’s firearm was obtained by means of fraud, I have revoked and I am not going to reissue. The following day she called me and said Commissioner can you reconsider giving me back my gun, my life is in danger, this that, that. I said, Marybeth I am not going to give you a gun license. This is what I heard about you. You do not fit the criteria to have a gun license. She said, but I paid to get it. I said, tell me who you paid. If you tell me who you paid then I can see what I can do for you. She refused to tell me who she paid. She continued and said if you want I can give you something to. I told her, you better pat your brakes right there. I don’t want anything from you. I have made my decision and that stands.”