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E.P. Yorke High School Gets New Basketball Court

May 31, 2023

E.P. Yorke High School Gets New Basketball Court

For decades, Edward P. Yorke High School has been promoting sports among its students, but the challenge has always been that their basketball court was the ground. Through assistance from two well-known alumni, the school now boasts a spanking new basketball court. Minister of Tourism, Anthony Mahler and the General Manager of R F & G Company Limited, Andrew Roe, donated towards the cause. News Five’s Marion Ali was on hand for the official ceremony today and filed the following report.

Marion Ali, Reporting

The school has been around since the eighties when the Belize Junior Secondary Schools became full-fledged high schools. One changed its name to Edward P. Yorke High School and it began to offer high school lessons up to fourth form. But the challenge has been to get a basketball court that would enable its students to play the sport. Today, that dream became a reality when the school opened its new court. At the heart of the project were two former students, including Tourism Minister, Anthony Mahler. He explained that he had to get involved because of the school’s impact on his life.

Anthony Mahler

Anthony Mahler, Minister of Tourism

“When I was going on the wrong path as a young man, this school helped to change my life. So this is my alma mater, and I said to the principal and the management team here that I want to help in any way possible to ensure that the students going here can have an environment where they feel safe, they can express themselves, and where they can build their talent.”

R.F & G Insurance Company Limited also contributed funds towards the cost of the court.

Andrew Roe

Andrew Roe, General Manager, R.F&G Insurance Co.

“I played sports regularly and I agree, it’s part of a well-rounded education but sitting here, particularly in the rainy season in your first semester and seeing weeks go by where the kids couldn’t use this court because it was flooded was really something that hurt me. So when the opportunity came to be able to participate in providing some assistance to put this court together, it was something we were happy to participate in.”

Mahler says for youths out there who are heading down that troublesome path but want to make the change, it is possible as well for them.

Anthony Mahler

“Anybody can change, so it is a mindset. You have to want to do it, and there are many opportunities around the country now with education, with sports, with all sorts of activities whereby you can hone your energies in a positive way rather than a negative way.”

Marion Ali for News Five.