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Fitzroy’s Family Speaks: He Was Elated Over Cross Country Finish

Apr 18, 2023

Fitzroy’s Family Speaks: He Was Elated Over Cross Country Finish

The man who used to field questions from the media and share information on police news every Monday will be laid to rest on Friday, following a wake at the House of Culture on Thursday night, starting at six. Fittingly, today it was the family of Assistant Superintendent of Police, Fitzroy Yearwood who sat at the same desk he did each week, to share the side of the man we didn’t know and to explain what his last day was like before he suffered the massive stroke that ultimately claimed his life. His older sister, Sharret Yearwood recalled that on Holy Saturday, just hours before Fitzroy would collapse; he was elated that it was a Belizean who was leading the final leg of the Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic. Sharret said he was urging them to get ready to go see the finish of the race, but she never got to see him.  

Sharret Yearwood

Sharret Yearwood, Sister of Fitzroy Yearwood

“I called him when the lead rider was on Princess Margaret Drive. So I called and I spoke to him and her was super excited. I said, “Bro, are you watching the end of the race?” He said, “yes, of course.” And I told him, I said, “well, the rider is heading your way. He said, I’m right out here. I’m by um, Marina Towers.” I said, “okay, well, the rider is heading your way, so look out for him.” He didn’t ask me if I was out there or not. About a half an hour later, my sister-in-law called me and she said, “Sis, where are you?” I said, “I’m still at home.” She said, “well, your brother is looking for you because he thought you were out here.” 0I was still at my mom Saturday night, a little after seven, his wife called me and she said, “Sis, I need your help. And she started explaining to me that he was throwing up. Just at the time we got there, it’s like he just fell into a deep sleep, I could, I could hear him. So it was like asleep, right? And so when I, when I got in there, I told the paramedics, you need to get him out of here quickly. Let’s get him out of here. And my brother was something else, you know, because I had to help carry him. Just as you know, he’s a little prankster and so I wouldn’t expect anything differently from him. And so all three of us here helped to take him downstairs right after they had him ready and everything and we had to lift. We had to carry him and I am so happy that I was there to do it though.”