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Junior Minister Education Meets to Discuss New Curriculum

Jun 9, 2023

Junior Minister Education Meets to Discuss New Curriculum

High schools in the country’s less fortunate neighborhoods have been taking part in the Ministry of Education’s Upliftment Program. It involves free uniforms, a feeding program and in 2022, the four core high schools, namely and others who cater to vulnerable students, namely: Gwen Liz, Excelsior, Maud Williams, and Sadie Vernon have introduced different teaching methods in competency-based education as part of the curriculum. Today, Minister of State in the Ministry of Education met with principals of these high schools to discuss how the program has been going. He spoke with the media thereafter.

Louis Zabaneh

Dr. Louis Zabaneh, Minister of State, Education

“The particular GEM schools, as you know, have their own. Uh, experiences, you know, with the socioeconomic dynamics of the communities that they serve. So the, the, in a nutshell, what has, uh, they’ve shared with us is that unlike many of the other schools, uh, they have some other issues that need to be addressed before we can embark in fully, um, moving forward with the framework, the curriculum framework, uh, these include, for example, that many of the students that they have, Of are at a low level of reading, competency literacy, numerous – it’s a big issue for them. Uh, so we have to have those interventions first to make sure that those things are addressed and then they can move into the other areas, uh, for the competency based education plan. This area, we’re focusing on three areas. Uh, all those topics related to competency based education, our framework implementation, that’s one grouping. And then we have the important issue of, uh, special education. Uh, we also have the third area, the wellbeing of teachers. So we decided that those are three priorities that we are gonna be focusing on.”