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P.B.L Looks At All Possibilities to Prevent a Disruption in Services if Strike Occurs

Jun 13, 2023

P.B.L Looks At All Possibilities to Prevent a Disruption in Services if Strike Occurs

Ted Peralta

So how does the Port of Belize move forward leading up to the date when the Notice of Intended Strike Action expires on June twenty-ninth? Peralta feels that continued communication is the best way forward, but the company is looking at all possibilities of how it will bring about a contingency plan to avert a disruption of services if the stevedores do strike.

Ted Peralta, C.E.O, Port of Belize Ltd.

“What could transpire is basically us sitting down again, probably in a next form of communication manner that again, we are brought forth to the same point that the CWU is trying to hold us random for payments that we have no payments to make. Now, again, it goes further to that, as I said in the press release, we do look forward to the engagement of the Ministry of Labor to try to be a mediator, but at the same time to be impartial to what the situation is. We as a private entity believe we have our rights just as every other employee and the CW members have. But the end of the day, we can’t be held ransom or have our arms twisted because, for example, the current members believe they deserve some type of payment for something that was not even or doesn’t even exist. We do have plans in place. We have plans that we do believe we would enact, not necessarily in regards to operations. That is still a dynamic position we have to take and we still have to look at the possibility, what would happen if operations do come to us standstill, and what is the position of us moving ahead. I mean, we had this situation last year where we did try to engage the BPA and then we enacted using BDF, and that didn’t go as well as we believe. So we do have to look at all the possibilities, not just to us, but to what the wider public understands as is the situation that unfolds. At the same time, we have had the new course of what has happened in the past with bringing in people. It suddenly turns not just into as a non-violent right strike or protest. It suddenly erupts into something else, which we neither want to put our customers through, nor do we want to see our members or employees in, or act in such a manners because of falsification of what is the, the actual information is being distributed by the CWU.”