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Peace March In Honor of The Late William Dawson

Mar 15, 2023

Peace March In Honor of The Late William Dawson

A peace march has been organized for Friday in Belize City in honor of the former Chairman of the Leadership Intervention Unit, William Dawson. The march is scheduled for four p.m. and is expected to begin at the Complex Building in the Lake Independence Community and end at the Battle Field Park with a rally. According to Kareem Musa, the Minister of Home Affairs, they are yet to indentify someone to take on Dawson’s role within the L.I.U., but he says many individuals who have shown interest in carrying out the task.

Kareem Musa

Kareem Musa, Minister of Home Affairs

“Um, we have a lot of people who would want to take that role, and that means a lot, as minister that there’s a lot of buy-in to that multi-sectorial approach, um, that Mr. Dawson represented. So we have not selected one as yet. As, you know, we have a peace rally, um, this Friday, which is being led, um, by the council, the Community Council, as well as the Leadership Intervention Unit. And so really and truly, it is, like I said, a decision that will be made, um, by, by. Those who are affected by this type of approach, um, those individuals will have a say moving forward. And we want, like I said, someone who, that they trust, someone who that en engages with them regularly and someone who they can relate to, and that is really who we’re looking for. But again, it, it might not necessarily be one person, it might be two or three individuals who can take on the many roles that Mr. Dawson played.”