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Port FC To Take On Benque FC and Verdes FC in Upcoming Days

Mar 30, 2023

Port FC To Take On Benque FC and Verdes FC in Upcoming Days

The Port Loyola Football Club has its eyes set on the Premier League of Belize’s Championship trophy. With only a few games left before playoffs for the closing season begins, Port Loyola FC sits at second place with Verdes FC. Their excellent performance this season is a huge turnaround from what the team was able to achieve in the last season. This weekend Port Loyola FC will take on Benque Viejo FC inside the Marion Jones Sporting Complex. Their highly anticipated rematch with Verdes FC is expected to be played next week Wednesday. A couple of the players stopped by our studio today to tell us more about these matches.

Ryan Simpson

Ryan Simpson, Football Athlete, Port Loyola FC

“So we have, we are in the second half of the season, we are playing against, Benque Viejo FC. All right, we played them the first time we draw, we drew with them. So now the rematch is here in Belize City at four p.m. at the Marion Jones Stadium. This season it’s been a complete one where we have turned it around from last season at this point. Not to be specific, but we didn’t have this amount of points there. Did we have this amount of wins last season? No. So far we are still undefeated on the field, so it’s a major turnaround. You know, last season we didn’t even make the playoffs this season right now, we’re front runners. We’re at the second place. We’re tied with eighteen points with Verdes who has been champs for many seasons and only San Pedro leads us, and we still have a game in hand.”

Ian Gaynair

Ian Gaynair, Football Athlete, Port Loyola FC

“We came to this club, and I think the only one, like one game never made the playoff. So this is something that we want to do for Belize City. So, we know what it takes to win a championship. We know what it takes to lose, we know all of that. So we put everything together collectively as a group and unite together. And we want to do is really bring the championship back home to Belize. The last time the city ever won a championship, I was a part of that. So I want to come back home and I want to help these guys, especially the guys in Belize City, to know that, you know, we could put aside whatever crime or anything and we could win this championship.  The game is Sunday. We’re playing against Benque this Sunday, and I believe we might play the rematch with Verdes on Wednesday night. So that’s the game everyone is anticipating, you know. What I want to tell my, the fans and everybody even believes city, that we’ll try hard to make the playoff and then you get to the playoff and be a different ball game.”