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RADO Says Everything Better with New C.E.O.

May 16, 2023

RADO Says Everything Better with New C.E.O.

It’s been one week since the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Transport has been working under a new Chief Executive Officer and Minister Rodwell Ferguson says that everything is better.  Adele Catzim-Sanchez, a former C.E.O. under the Barrow administration, was appointed and took office on May eighth, after Marconi Leal Junior was reassigned as C.E.O. under the Ministry of Human Development, Families and Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs.  The shift comes as a result of the fallout between Minister Ferguson and C.E.O. Leal Junior. The reason for the discontentment, however, has never really been revealed. But here’s what Minister Ferguson had to say about the renewed environment at the ministry.

Rodwell Ferguson, Minister of Youth & Sports

“I appreciate her coming. Number one she is very experienced; she understand the whole public sector system so that make life easier for myself. When we started initially, the former C.E.O., maybe come from B.T.L., neva understand maybe the public sector system. When she come in right away, she understand and she say this is what we are supposed to do and we understand each other. So I really believe that myself and Miss Adele will have a good working relationship for the betterment of the ministry. I don’t know how you classify if she is P.U.P. or U.D.P.; I know she is an experienced person to get the job done.”

Duane Moody

“She is a former U.D.P. C.E.O. though.”

Rodwell Ferguson

“It doesn’t matter because under the previous P.U.P. administration, there were also people classified to be U.D.P. C.E.O., but once you get the job done. I will give the prime minister his new process. He told me, he said Rodwell, at mid-term in office, yo can’t bring a new C.E.O. who is green to the system so you have to find somebody who is already experience so that right away we wah get the ball rolling. So I think so far, no kickback, we have a very good relationship, we understand each other and we are going forward.”