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SICA Council of Ministers Discusses Developing Women’s Orchestra

May 26, 2023

SICA Council of Ministers Discusses Developing Women’s Orchestra

Dian Maheia

According to C.E.O. Maheia, one of the interesting discussions that came up was developing a women’s orchestra, comprising female musicians from Central America. She said the ideas shared give the countries, including Belize, a chance to digest everything that has been discussed, shared and proposed. Each country would then decide whether or not they want to adapt another country’s idea or use it as a guide.  In the case of the proposed regional orchestra, it will take some more thought and discussion.

Dian Maheia, C.E.O., Ministry of Education & Culture

“We’re so uniquely placed in that we’re part of CARICOM and we’re part of SICA. And we have a role to play in each, and so, you know moving forward, looking down the road now, after these two days of meetings are finished, what we do as a team, is sort of reflect back. You know, you have to sit back and digest it, and you think, okay, so what are some of the things that we are going to continue with here? What are some of the things that we can agree to support? What are some things that, you know, we support in principle, but we have to see if we find money for it. You know, like there was one proposal for a women’s orchestra to be developed with members of – female musicians from across the Central American countries. Now that’s interesting. That’s something that we would want to learn more about to see how we could participate, right, because that’s a new idea for us. So there are some things that come up like this that we think that’s good.”