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Tom Greenwood Chides Belizeans for Being Laid Back

Jun 16, 2023

Tom Greenwood Chides Belizeans for Being Laid Back

Tom Greenwood

Almendarez questioned why the document was even taken to the Cabinet for consideration and slammed the Prime Minister for doing so on the basis that the agreement would exclude Belizeans from making any meaningful money from it. FECTAB’s President Emeritus, Tom Greenwood also chided Belizeans for not taking a collective stance when governments make decisions that are not in their best interest.

Tom Greenwood, President Emeritus, FECTAB

“Whenever anything from outside comes in here, everybody kisses its butt no matter what it’s doing, but when movement, a native Belizean comes up with an idea and a plan, as magnificent as it might be, it is crushed into pieces and thrown away if possible. There’s this thing about native Belizeans must not advance, and this is what catches us many times. Right now I’m watching the whole Stake Bank scenario, and it’s the same thing happening. That place is being pushed by an entirely 100% native Belizean family. And in my judgment, it’s a viable thing if there’s some mistakes here and there, okay, but it’s a viable thing.”

David Almendarez

David Almendarez, President, FECTAB

“I want to know, one, who mi know bout the document. Did the Prime Minister read that document personally before he mek that document left fi he office and gone da Cabinet? If the answer is no, you, Mr. Prime Minister, need for resign cause you untalented. If the answer is yes, then you probably need to get charged for treason, cause then you more than untalented. How eena 2023, I call it on dead-raise document, dead-raise, stink and dutty – it’s amazing, you know, because wa lotta people nuh di watch the seriousness of this -  if this deal goh down, my grand pikni, your grand pikni wa get zero dollars from it.”