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Unknown Belize, Produced in Belize, about Belize, Received Well in London

Jun 8, 2023

Unknown Belize, Produced in Belize, about Belize, Received Well in London

Sean Kuylen

Unknown Belize, a video-recorded film shot over a period of a year, featuring nature at its finest in Belize, is a documentary presented in four parts of an hour each. The production uncovers the Belize’s wonders, while exploring our political, economic and environmental challenges. Sponsored by a non-government organization called the European Nature Trust, Unknown Belize has been well received at its first presentation in London. Sean Kuylen, known for his culinary abilities was an integral part of the film’s production, as was Tom Hines, who worked as a cinematographer on Festa Films, shared details of their production, Unknown Belize, produced by Festa Films.

Sean Kuylen, Representative, Festa Films

“We got a call from a guy, Paul Leister, who is a founder of Kent, which is the European Nature Trust, and so he came to Belize because of course, Belize is trending for alls NGOs and all the 60% of the wildlife being protected and all these beautiful things. So they have you know, an interest to come to Belize and, and, and film it. They were coming with these lot of cameras and stuff, but then they found Feste Films, and then they brought a presenter and then I came along. And what better way I tell it, you know, I start talking in their accent, but I talk my Creole and showcase what we know as Belize. The end product is a wonderful editing documentary.”

Tom Hines

Tom Hines, Cinematographer, Festa Films

“It’s very much a new thing for Belize because production companies have come and gone, but they’ve never used local cruise. They may use one or two people here or there, but this is the first of its can where it’s shot by, you know, a local production company, two cameras and a drone, and you know, a presenter from Belize and it’s completely new and one of a kind. And now it’s being premiered in London and hopefully at some point it could be premiered in Belize too. Um, but yeah, we’re very, very proud of it. The reception here seems to have been really good. Everybody, you know, got up and applauded it at the end, and it’s something that we’re very proud of and something that hopefully we could gain momentum with and move on and try and do more stuff like this. Financer and the European Nature Trust is based in London, and I think it worked well as, uh, to, just to bring it to a wider audience first. I think the intention is to have it shown in Belize, um, after this. But I think it’s just to, the end goal is just to have it to, you know, wider audience and, and hopefully, you know, more people here can, can donate further to, to the NGOs and, and that kind of stuff.”