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Two clashes between Brampton and Mississauga kill two people and hospitalize baby

After two collisions in thePeel Regionon Saturday night and Sunday morning, two people died and a mother and baby daughter were rushed to the hospital. Officials said.

In another tweet,Peel Regional Policereported two fatal clashes overnight. One was done inMissisoga

First, police were called into the area of ​​Missisoga's Delhi Road and Nine Line to respond to a collision involving two vehicles. I did.

Police said the "injured" were taken to a local hospital and later died.

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Barely two hours later, emergency services rushed to the scene of another deadly crash.

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Police arrived in the area of ​​Brumpton's Credit View Road and Oneless Drive after two vehicles collided. ..

Police said there was a baby girl in one of the two vehicles. She was taken to a local trauma center with her father and her mother was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

"() My father and baby are fine," the police said.

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In another vehicle, a 20-year-old passenger was kicked out and sentenced to death on the scene, police said. rice field. The driver was "detained because of a related criminal disability."

The situation leading up to both conflicts was not immediately clear.

Delhi Road and Line 9 #Mississauga
– Two vehicles involved
– Injured locally Trauma Center taken to
– Crossroads are closed in all directions
– Use alternative route

– PR22-0221357

— Peel Local Police (@PeelPolice)July 3rd 2022

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– CreditviewRd. And Wanless #Brampton
– Two vehicles involved
– One died
– Another injured was taken to a local trauma center
– Crossroads closed in all directions
– Use alternative route

– PR22-0221478

— Peel Regional Police (@PeelPolice)2022 July 3

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