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"Absolutely disgusting": Float controversial in Alta's Thunder. Rodeo parade causes anger

A parade float depicting a Sikh man riding a fertilizer spreader called "Liberal" is angry on social media.

The controversial float participated in theSundre ProRodeoparade on Saturday. Mike Crumpton, who lives in Disbury, was attending the parade with his family when he took a picture of the float.

"My wife pointed it out to me. I took two pictures right away just because I was a little shocked and didn't know what I was looking at." Says Crumpton.

Crumpton described what he saw as a low point.

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"People think it's okay because it's so frustrating," he said.

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Then the image becomes viral and among local leaders on Twitter and Facebook Is causing anger.

Float organizers say their intentions for the float, after a two-year blockade by the NDP-backed Liberal government, "It has nothing to do with racism, everything has to do with laughter. There is. "

Center of Newcomers CEO Anila Lee Yuen tweeted that Float was "outrageous," "that's why Alberta's colored race must keep up with its decision to live in the state." I tweeted.

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Calgary Forest Lawn Conservative MP Jasley Haran "absolutely" float on Twitter. "These acts are not in Canada."

Calgary Skyview George Chahar's Liberal Party lawmaker embarrassed the person in charge. Chahar, a Sikh, says Float is a blatant attack on his people and their communities.

"As a Canadian and Alberta, you need to worry about what was on display yesterday and people think it's okay to target my or racialized communities.

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To the Canadian Seek community I'm proud of Has different political perspectives.

More importantly, the Sikhs were a solid force for good in Alberta and throughout the country.

Shame on the person responsible for this sneaky display of racism.

— George Chahal (@ChahalGeorge)June 26, 2022

In a Facebook post Thunder Pro Rodeo, who does not oversee the parade float, issued a statement apologizing, "If I knew about the float, I wouldn't approve it."

"We send a heartfelt apology, and that will never happen again," the statement read.

The Thunder Pro Rodeo Parade aims to celebrate the community's "positive family experience," according to a statement posted on behalf of the parade committee that oversees the event. A statement was conducted to find that the float "participated in the parade without passing registration", according to a statement


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Chahar said he plans to visit Thunder in the next few days. ..