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Amanda Todd's Trial: Witnesses Explain to Defendant About Borrowing a Dutch Bungalow

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Trial of a Dutch man accused of harassment and blackmail on B.C. Teen Amanda Todd before her death had an identity issue on Thursday Continued to focus on.

Aydin Coban, 44, pleads not guilty to possession ofchild pornography, communication with young people to commit sexual crimes, and criminal harassment. Did.

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The court heard that Coban was arrested in a bungalow in Oistel Wake, about 100 km southeast of Amsterdam. There police seized numerous computers and hard drives, Wi-Fi antennas and webcams.

On Thursday, the court heard testimony from Dennis Wassenberg, whose family owns DeRosep Bungalow Park, where Coban was arrested.

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Aydin Coban's trial heard the actions of Dutch police defense questions

Wassenberg was shown a picture of Coban taken by police after his arrest and identified it as a resident of Bungalow 55.

He told the court that he had rented the same cabin to the same man at least twice. ..

He testified that only the man in the photo rented a bungalow shortly before his arrest.

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that Wassenberg lived three doors below a bungalow rented by Coban, and 2 People interact almost every day, chatting or waving each other.

During the cross-examination, Defense sought to question whether Coban was the only person with access to the unit.

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Wassenberg was asked by a Coban lawyer, with trees and bushes around the cabin. I agreed that there was vegetation invisible to the bungalows. From the street.

First see extensive evidence seized during Amanda Todd's investigation

Bungalow Park gates are always open, The person did not need a pass to get access and he agreed.

But when asked if he had discovered that the unit was inhabited by more than one person when only one person rented it, Wassenberg said, "Rarely." He added that such a situation was immediately noticed.

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The incident is a matter of the identity of the torturer of Amanda Todd.

Crown is trying to prove that Coban is a sexually intimidating person who stalked her using 22 online social media accounts between 2009 and 2012.

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Crown gets a video of Coban flashing her breasts as a teenager and it Claims to have forced her to run a pornographic web show using. He also claims that he sent the video to his friends, family and alumni.

Defense argues that there is no connection between Coban and the online blackmailer, and that Crown must prove beyond reasonable doubt that Todd actually sent the message received. doing.

Todd killed her in 2012 at the age of 15.

Shortly before her death, she posted her video on YouTube recording her own trials. This video attracted worldwide attention and became a rallying cry. Against cyberbullying.

In her video, Todd quietly raised a series of flashcards explaining her pain she endured.

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