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When the Edmonton Fringe Festival kicks off, a woman explains why she's coming from America to volunteer.

The 2022 edition of theEdmonton International Fringe Theater Festivaltook place Thursday at Old Strathcona. This annual event draws talented performers from around the world to Alberta's capital city each year, with volunteers from across the Canadian border.

"You have to go all in, you have to get all the experience," Fringe his volunteer Andrea Hilleld told Global His News on Thursday. She said she volunteered from the United States and will be attending the festival for 18 years in 2022.

Andrea Hillerud said, Came to Alberta from the US to volunteer for her 2022 edition of the International Fringe Theater Festival. Global News

"The Biggest Fringe Festival in North America...and the Best" in Edmonton.

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Hillerud said her home state of Minnesota also has a fringe.

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"It's good, but not as good as this," she said.

"We don't just watch shows. We hang out in beer gardens, shop with vendors, eat leek cakes, and watch street performers.

A wall of posters for shows at the 2022 Edmonton International Fringe Theater Festival Global News

Hillerud said he had been coming to Edmonton's fringe for years and had an interesting experience:

``Year after year, I see the same people and artists again, but I don't really see the same people. It's so much fun to see artists returning to... see the evolution of what they produce."

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This Year's Fringe Festival Begins August 11th Running through August 21st, it features over 160 shows across 27 venues.

Scenes from the Edmonton International Fringe Theater Festival in Old Strathcona on August 11, 2022. Global News

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