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The Astros are looking to give Luis Garcia more run support than A.

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The Houston Astros have the fourth-most points in the American League this season and the second-most scoring differential, but look at right-hander Luis Garcia's last three games to judge it. is difficult to do.

Garcia (8-8, 3.93 ERA) ended his three-game losing streak on Friday when he took the mound to face the Athletics in three games away from Oakland in the opener of his series. I will try

However, Garcia's last three losses were more due to lack of run support than his performance. Houston, who averages nearly 4.5 points per game, has totaled six points.

The Astros topped that number Thursday afternoon with his 7-3 win over the visiting Texas Rangers.

In his 4–1 loss to the Guardians, he scored four runs in six innings in the skids, including the final starting lineup in which he tallied nine hits, his season-high. His two of Garcia's outings have come away.

Garcia looks forward to pitching again at his maid park.

"Honestly, when I pitch on the street, it's not the same as at home," Garcia said. "I feel different."

Garcia liked his chemistry with catcher Christian Vazquez in that game. Garcia was traded to Boston on August 1 by the Red He Sox.

"It was good with Vazquez, everything went well," Garcia said. "I'm glad he's here to help us." Garcia said he has a 3.05 ERA and he's 1-1 in his four starts against Oakland.

His current losing streak began when he started against his A on July 26, with a 5-3 loss at Auckland where he finished 5 2/3. In the inning he gave up 4 runs and 4 hits.

A is a rookie right-hander who plans to start Adam Oller (1-5, 7.63). Olar's only win came against the Astros on July 25, when he allowed four runs (three earned) and four hits in five innings to win 7–5. did.

Oller, who started eight days earlier in Houston, failed to make a decision in a 4-3 win. He gave up 3 runs and 6 hits in 4 his 1/3 innings.

Olar, who traded right-hander Chris Basitt to the New York Mets in March, was born just outside Houston and still lives in the area.

Prior to Wednesday's game, A-designated veteran infielder Jed Lowrie was assigned. In his third stint at Oakland, the 38-year-old batted . 180 with 3 home runs and 16 RBIs in his 50 games.

He was Oakland's only All-Star appearance in his 2018 game.

"He's been part of some great clubs, especially recently," said Auckland manager Mark Cossai. "He's had some great moments here, so it's definitely not an easy day." called back.

He made his league debut in the majors that night against the Los Angeles Angels, and in the 12th inning he suffered a 5–4 loss, singled, walked and sacrificed to bunt. won 1-3.

"Kal had a nice day," said Cossai. "He got his first big league hit, which is great. He had a good at-bat and got on base. In the last at-bat of the game, he went 0-2 to 3-2. Barrel a baseball....Overall, just by looking at him today....he controls the strike zone."

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