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BC Lions defensive linemen Pickett and Cherry enjoy homecoming in Saskatchewan

It may be the opposing team's building, but neither Nathan Cherry nor Riley Pickett will be playing at Mosaic Stadium for the first time.

He was named 3rd overall and he was 41st overall respectively. Pickett played for Saskatoon He Hilltops and both Saskatchewan He is a member of Husky College.

One of his most hostile buildings in the league, this building can pose a threat to young players learning to practice Canadian football in his league.

But for Pickett and Cherry, it was a long-awaited homecoming.

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"It's a familiar setting," Cherry explained. “I was talking to [Riley] Pickett and a few others. The ad continues below

"It was like a dream come true. Just watching all the CFL games reminded me of my childhood. What happens?" I don't know until it actually happens, but when I look back on my childhood, I'm proud of myself."

"I was so excited to be in the game the whole time. Before the game. I just went to and walked around and was like, 'This is crazy, we're here,'" added Pickett. "I used to watch a game here last year and now I'm going to play in that game. So it was great, I just seized the moment and ran with it.

"It was my best game of the season so far, and I want to build on it and keep getting better and better." Gathered a large group of friends and family. The two visiting players went all out to convert the supporters from riders his nation's greens and whites to Lions oranges.

"Most (my family) said they were wearing riders (gear) in the first half, but when we started winning, everyone took off their jerseys and he was the BC Lions. I wore a thing," Cherry laughed. "So I think we're slowly starting to convert some fans in Saskatchewan."

"I had a lot of friends and family there, so it was nice to win in front of everyone." said Pickett. "By the way, they were all dressed in orange, but none were dressed in green. I'm definitely converting a good percentage of Lions fans."[36] }

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Cherry Crowds at First Pro Game I was enthusiastic about the cheers of. The most memorable thing about Mosaic was another sound in the fourth quarter.

"The first half was very loud and the fourth quarter sounded like a funeral. It was perfect," he said.

Both players enjoyed dominant careers at the college level and thundered through the draft years. Cherry recorded 24 tackles and 6 sacks in his 10 games, while Pickett only recorded 40 tackles and 6 sacks in his 9 games.

Despite impressive numbers, he both admit that the jump to pro took their game to the next level.

"It's a learning curve, okay," said Cherry. "Everybody is bigger, faster, smarter. There's a lifestyle here. It's what people do here to make a living. They feed their families.

"Every week I feel like I'm learning something. Every day I'm getting a little better. It's a process, but it pays off and makes me the best player I can be."

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"Every day we You come to work with your lunch kit and helmet, you watch movies, you work hard at practice, you do your job: for the person next to you," Pickett added.

"The player's speed and strength really progresses with each jump. This is no different than USports at this level. Also, we've been doing film research and theater So is the amount of installations (football) for work, if you love what you do, you won't work a single day in your life.

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The friendship of Pickett and Cherry, then Husky alumnus and aggressive lineman Noah Zha.

"For the last four years, it's been the exact same thing. I've been banging heads with Noah, and Nathan I support him when he's there. Nothing has changed except the color of the jersey," Pickett said.

"(As rookies) we're pretty quiet (in the locker room)," added Cherry. It was great to have each other here.”

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Hot spots and restaurants are young. As for what has captivated linemen, it hasn't changed much either.

"Our go-to spots are Save on Foods and Superstore," he laughed Pickett. "We always prepare our own meals, just like we do when we're at home. We don't really eat out, we're just trying to keep that physique.

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