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A black bear that sees a stalker's gossling in Burnaby's Central Park is destroyed

Even if a bear behavior expert says "never kill" a bear, its presence jeopardizes public safety. He said he was not a good candidate for relocation.

“I’m not saying we can live with a bear that follows people, but we can live with a bear that can learn to not follow people,” says bear behaviour expert.
"I'm saying you can live with the next bear No. People, but we can live with bears who can learn to disobey people, "says a bear behavior expert.Photo by UBC handout/PNG

A black bear weekend chasing a golfer at Burnaby's Central Park Within a few meters of the panic pitch and putt golfer was destroyed.

An officer of the British Columbia Nature Maintenance Service, who answered a call from the general public on Saturday, calmed the bear.

"According to an email from the State Ministry of the Environment on behalf of the guardian, after the evaluation, the bear was dropped for his actions to jeopardize public safety.

"Defeating bears and cubs is an unfortunate result of our hard work to prevent them," he said. rice field.

In one of the videos posted on Reddit and YouTube on Saturday, the bear chases a big goose ring as the other two geese flap and escape. You can see about half a dozen golfers rushing out of the way. The bear eventually catches up with the little bird, and he jumps before the video ends.

Bears have also been photographed near the bustling bike and pedestrian roads of Central Park, adjacent to Vancouver. You can see the sound of the skytrain passing by and jumping into the bushes.

"Poor man, I don't know what to do or where to go, it's trapped," said the videographer. Then he said to the cyclist, who was slowly walking his bike and glancing at the bear, "You had a wonderful horror there, hey, buddy."

Nature maintenance officials take "risks to public safety and the ability of animals to survive in the wild" into account when assessing urban wildlife.

"Bear conditioned on humans or on non-natural food sources is not a candidate for relocation or rehabilitation."

The statement states that the decision of the officer is based on the views of the Ministry of Forestry Policy and wildlife biologists, experts, and the state's chief wildlife veterinarian.

Before learning about the fate of bears, Erieram, a bear behavior expert with 25 years of experience as a bear observation guide, said that bears found in urban areas were " It should never be done. " He is killed.

Judging by their behavior, the bear is probably a young bear "kicked out" by his mother when he was old as a way to protect him. did. That she said.

As we grow older, young bears seek out their territory and leave. If he stays in the territory of an older man, he is in danger of being eaten. 

"Not all older men do, but some do," she said. ..

She understands that bears and humans can coexist in places like Central Park if they understand that people respect bears and humans and usually do not hurt humans. Suggested.

"I'm not saying we can live with a bear chasing a person, but with a bear who can learn not to chase a person. You can live, "Lamb said.

She states that stalking birds for food is "very normal" and "a really smart strategy for getting small amounts of protein." I did.

She returns the bear to the area of ​​Burnaby, which is said to live on the city's website, such as near Burnaby Mountain and Dear Lake. I didn't think I could do it. , Or elsewhere.

After the bear has settled, she is put into a cage. "They are like black holes. They go into them and never come out."

According to state statistics, protection services for Asian black bears. Calls to the black bear have surged this year since February, when traditionally awakened from hibernation.

In April of this year, there were 935 calls compared to 665 in April 2021. In April, police responded to 133 of these calls and 23 black bears were destroyed. In 2021, police officers took part in 21 calls and three bears were killed, and in 2020 they took part in 19 calls and the bears were not destroyed.

Asiatic black bears make up 14,000 to 25,000 calls to protection services annually.

It takes about 20,000 calories a day and you can smell food from miles away.

"To prevent bear clashes in the community, it is important to have attractants such as litter, pet food and bird seeds," the statement said. ..

Unintentional feeding of bears violates dangerous wildlife conservation laws.

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