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Brazil's Bolsonaro 'not afraid to lose' elections, not calling for coup

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RIO DE JANEIRO, 8 August – Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro denied on Monday he had any intention of carrying out a coup if he lost the October elections, a move seen as a measure to protect him from crime. It added that it rejects the constitutional action. Accusation.

Bolsonaro's efforts to turn the Sept. 7 Independence Day military parade into a political event less than a month before his presidential election have forced the military to make up for its declining popularity. It raises concerns about its use.

"I'm not afraid to lose the election. I'm not worried about it," Bolsonaro said in an interview on the Flow podcast. Then I wouldn't say anything."

Bolsonaro came in second in pre-election polls, behind former president Luis Inacio Lula da Silva.

In the same interview, the president raised doubts about the country's voting system, repeating an argument he has often repeated.

"What we want is transparency. Because my reputation is that of a coup plotter and I don't want to accept the results of the election," he said.

Asked about recent news that Bolsonaro's allies are seeking a constitutional amendment bill that would give the former president a senator for life and guarantee congressional immunity, Bolsonaro said the proposal said he was not interested in

"They'll say I'm asking for reprieve...I don't want that waiver." (Reporting by Pedro Fonseca, Editing by Michael Perry)