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Braunstein: Montreal Director Always Spends Time Around the World for Prehistoric Journeys

Prehistoric Time Travel Odyssey Timescapes shows how Aristomenis Tsirbas loves to "wander and tell sci-fi stories."

Montreal director Aristomenis Tsirbas is the director of sci-fi film Timescape, which was filmed in the forests around Rawdon. It opens Friday in Montreal.
Montreal film director Aristomenis Tsirbas is the director of the sci-fi movie Timescape. . It was filmed in the woods around Rawdon. Opens Friday in Montreal. Photo by Dave Sidaway /Montreal Gazette

Aristomenis (Meni) Tsirbas' lower body is temporarily stationary. You may be sitting in Café Parvis at the Cartier des Spectacles, but rest assured that the Montreal filmmaker's mind drifts to other, far-flung galaxies and dimensions. I can't help it.

"I just like to let my mind wander and tell science fiction stories, so I thought I'd make a living out of it," he jokes Tsirbas. .

And he has been very adept at doing just that for the last 25 years.

Tsirbas, who graduated from Concordia's prestigious filmmaking program, worked on the set of Titanic, where he paid his dues under director James Cameron, and then went on to otherworldly screens like A's visual effects for his adventures. I became a supervisor. Wrinkle in Time, My Favorite Martian, TV Series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. He then produced a series of short cartoons and an animated feature, Battle for Terra, all written and directed by him.

In the midst of these forays were national ad spots for Nike, Coca-Cola, and 7UP, and several music his videos, including Tears for Fears' "Closest to Heaven." was.

All of these experiences are brought together in Tsirbas' first live-action feature, his Timescape. This is a dizzying odyssey that takes two kids on a time travel his escape to prehistoric times. This is the real deal, with CGI special effects that rival the best in the business, but at a fraction of the price of most blockbusters in the genre.

Timescape, which made its world premiere at last month's Fantasia Fest, opens in Quebec on Friday in English and French. While its focus is on its youthful and curious leads (Sophian Oleniuk as Jason and Laura Rossignol Arts as Lara), the film is suitable for all age demographics, i.e. for all ages. Must play to those who devour tech bells and all the sci-fi spectacle. blow a whistle.

As a bonus for the Quebecois, Timescape has to be the first ever his sci-fi his caper filmed in the lush forests surrounding the Lawrence community of Rawdon. The prehistoric footage was also filmed in Montreal.

"To my knowledge, there have been no reports of aliens, flying saucers or dinosaurs appearing in Rawdon," he said, Tsirbas, quickly adding: rice field. Of course, it cannot be said that these situations did not actually occur there.

Tsirbas credits the Montreal film crew and technicians for bringing this prehistoric world to life.

``They have all done much better to make this movie look so big and epic.

Tsirbas credited his overactive imagination and cosmic fascination with the 1977 release when he was a child. It's actually attributed to catching Star Wars: Episode IV, which was released in 1977 at the beginning of the series.

“I was 10 years old at the time and it gave me all the focus I needed to pursue this as a career. That passion has been in me ever since,” says Tsirbas, who has several sci-fi projects planned, including one he hopes to shoot in and around Montreal. say.

Tsirbas credits his Cameron to the no-nonsense Canadian director who took him to another level when he worked on Titanic.

"My plan when I went to the United States in 1996 was to work with people who were far better than I was," he says. "Then I was thrown into the lion's pit with Jim Cameron on the Titanic. He was so inspiring. He's very goal-oriented and has such a vast array of skills. He is usually better at everything than anyone else in the room.It was a great learning experience, an eye-opener, and a lot to learn from it."

Visual effects were initially his great passion, creatively and financially setting the stage for him to advance into a directorial career.

Timescape, written and directed by Montreal director Aristomenis Tsirbas, is a time-travel excursion to prehistoric times starring Lola Rossignol-Arts and Sofian Oleniuk.
Montreal director Written and directed by Aristomenis Tsirbas Timescapes, a time travel tour to prehistoric times starring Lola Rossignol-Arts and Sofian Oleniuk. TVA Films

“CGI effects have changed the game. , hopefully able to age well... But the beauty of it is that the accompanying high-tech hardware and software have become more accessible and democratized filmmaking, allowing smaller productions to actually It feels much bigger than it was.”

Like a timescape.

"Let's say Timescape's budget was significantly less than the latest Jurassic Park movie in the series."

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