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California State Representative Baradao Advances in US House District

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The Associated Press

Associated Press

Michael R. Blood

Los Angeles (AP) — Congressman David Valadao voted Friday in the Democratic Inclined District of Central Valley, California A challenge from a Republican who blamed the House of Representatives in a vote blaming then-President Donald Trump for surviving.

With most of the votes cast in the 22nd district, Baradao won about 26% of the votes, a few points ahead of his rival Republican Chris Mathys.

Baradao's advance to the November final vote against Democrat Rudisaras, a member of the state legislature, concludes the list of competitive races in the California area participating in this year's battle for parliamentary domination. increase.

Baradao, who emphasized independent winning streak rather than Trump's loyalist, maintained his seat from 2013 to January 2019, lost for a period of time, and then rematched in 2020. I won. Democrat T.J. Cox, despite being run in a powerful democratic district.

His newly drawn district, District 22, has a similar strong democratic tendency. Matisse, an avid Trump supporter, has promised to expel Baradao in an impeachment vote. However, Trump was not heavily involved in the race, and Baradao, a dairy farmer and son of Portuguese immigrants, gained the support of the state's Republican Party and the support of Republican leader Kevin McCarthy, who is close to Trump.

Baradao did not support Trump, who was a candidate at the time in 2016, but supported reelection four years later.

However, Baradao sometimes broke up with Trump's White House, including criticizing the administration for the separation of families at the border. He ran as an "independent problem solver" in 2020, and one ad highlighted his work with former President Barack Obama on water issues that are important in agricultural land.

He called Trump the driving force in the Capitol rebellion on January 6th. Trump's "exciting rhetoric was a non-American, abominable, and absolutely impeccable crime," Baradao said.

The Democratic Party wants to defend a vulnerable majority in the House of Representatives in a midterm election that normally punishes the party that controls the White House. President Joe Biden's approval rate has fallen as Americans struggle with record levels of inflation, prolonged pandemics, and rising gasoline prices.

Another marquee race in the state will take place in a Democratic district in northern Los Angeles, where Republican Rep. Mike Garcia will rematch the Democratic Party that was defeated two years ago. .. Former MP Christy Smith.

In the tightly divided coastal area of ​​Orange County, Democratic Party member Katie Porter, the party's progressive star, meets Republican Scott Baugh, a former state legislature leader.

South Korean immigrant Republican US Congressman Michelle Steel confronts Democrat Jay Chen in various districts moored in Orange County. The area, which includes the country's largest Vietnamese-American community, is widely regarded as a toss-up.