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CAQ hires Montreal-area businesswoman to ride Laval and South Shore

Celine Haitayan defends Bill 96 and states that the mystery needs to be solved.

Headshots: Céline Haytayan, left, and Christine Fréchette, right
Celine Haitayan (left) and Christine Flechette (right) Candidates for Avenir Québec on horseback riding in Laval-des-Rapides and Sanguinet, respectively.Photo courtesy of Coalition Avenir Québec

Coalition Avenir Québecleader François Legault strengthens two business women in the Montreal region I used it to do it. His party's financial confidence for the October 3 elections.

At Laval-des-Rapides, CAQ is betting on Céline Haytayan, a trilingual economic development expert, to help catch the vehicle for the first time. At Sanginet on the South Shore, formerChambre Decomas Derested MontrealPresident Christine Flechette will replace CAQMNA Daniel McCann. Like her new boss, Flechette once worked for the Parti Québécois and was the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Government of Pauline Maloa, Jean-Francoise.

Lego was in good spirits when he introduced Haitayan as a candidate on Tuesday mornings at Laval de Rapides on Highways 15, 19, 440 and the Prairies River. Haytayan was recently the director of international companies for the French video game makerUbisoft, which operates a major studio in Montreal.

After studying law and business administration at university, Haytayan worked in the city of Montreal for seven years and in the regional investment promotion agency Montreal International for 14 years. She speaks French, English and Armenian.

"Celine is an important addition to our economic team," Legault said at a press conference in Laval. "She has spent almost all of her life on economic development. Anyone who knows me knows that it is my obsession, so there are people who are familiar with economic development.

In a short speech, Haitayan citedlack of housing,inflation, and public transport as important horse riding issues. .. If elected, she promised to work with Mayor Laval's Stephane Boyer to attract new companies in areas such as life sciences, clean technology and the digital economy.

As a personal note, Haytayan said she decided to run after she fought breast cancer last year.

"When you experience something like this, you question a lot of things, including the meaning you give your life," she said. "When we overcome these challenges, there are" before "and" after. " I wanted to serve the community.

Haytayan defended the CAQ's recent revision of the French CharterBill 96, but the government was more than able to explain the law to entrepreneurs and other stakeholders. I admitted that I had to do a good job.

"French is very important," she said. "I think it's important to protect, protect and promote it. Knowing French, speaking French and using French for anglo-phones and allophones is a plus for everyone.

This spring, bill 96 increased the cost of, and there are several business groups that warned that the government could go too far. “To see an exception, you need to explain it in an easy-to-understand way, to reassure people, to reassure your business,” Haytayan said.

The incumbent Sole Polo of the Liberal Party is seeking a third mission at Laval de Rapides. In the last 12 elections, the Liberal Party has won seven times in the constituency and the Parti Québécois has won five times.

By early afternoon, Lego was in Saint-Constant and announcedFlechetteas a party candidate at Sanginet. Sanginet also includes the towns of Saint Catherine, Saint Mathieu and Saint Remy. Higher Education Minister McCannhas decided not to seek another mission

Former political analyst Flechette directs Chambre de Commerce de Ler I spent more than 4 years. He was the project manager for Est de Montréal, most recently Société de Développement Angus. When asked if his latest newcomer would be a candidate for minister, Lego laughed and said: "Yes, but there are many potential ministers." ..

"I don't take anything for granted, and we don't take it for granted," Lego said after introducing Flechette. "If the Quebec people feel confident, I'll start thinking on October 4th."

Tuesday was a busy day for candidate announcements in the state. Former Kuujjuaq Mayor Tunu Napartukwas nominated as a Liberal Party candidate for Ungava riding, and Québec solidaire saidMyriamLapointe-Gagnon, the founder of the independentMaplaceau. .. The travailmovement is carried out for the party at Rivière-du-Loup—Témiscouata.

Meanwhile, the Canadian Party in Quebec has announced three candidates for horseback riding in the Mont Royal region. Chayaan Goldberg Harrison, CEGEP Instructor at Mount Royal. D'Arcy-McGee's Information Technology Manager and Computer Specialist Marc Perez; Robert Baldwin's High School Teacher Jonathan Gray.

If the elections were held last month, the CAQ would have won 44% of the votes, according to an onlineLéger pollconducted against Le Journal de Montréal. This is compared to 18 percent of liberals, 15 percent of Quebec's Atassut, 13 percent of Quebec's Conservatives, and 10 percent of Quebec's.

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