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The first woman to win Saskatchewan by Carlabeck. NDP leadership

MLA Carlabeck made history by becoming the first female leader of the Saskatchewan NDP at the Delta Hotel in Regina on Sunday.

Beck won 3,244 votes for Katelyn Harvey's 1,492 votes in her leadership race after announcing her incumbent leader Ryan Maili's resignation. In June, he said he would leave politics all at once and resign from the Meewasin seat in Saskatchewan on July 1.

"The only way I can thank you is to get the state back and the people of Saskatchewan," Beck said in a victory speech.

NDP is not always correct, she said, but they "stand on the shoulders of giants", It owes it to generations. Get things done right now.

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"If we tell our story, share our vision, and fight for it, we We can win, and then we can make positive changes, the future we all want for our state, our children, and our grandchildren, "she said.

She was supported by six NDP caucuses and more than 12 former NDPMLA members.

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Beck is a member of the Regina Lakeview legislative assembly. She defeated Saskatoon's Metis lawyer, Caitlin Harvey.

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Harvey's campaign focused on Saskatchewan's climate change program. Underestimated by the government and Beck and her supporters.

She also urged party members to support a petition by Liberal Party leader Jeff Walters for an investigation into the Saskatchewan state government's response to the pandemic.

Beck focuses on finding a "common foundation" for her to rebuild the party and build trust with voters. She says.

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"The Prime Minister is reluctant to see some of the issues in front of us. Pay attention to quantity and do nothing about mental health addiction, suicide crisis in the state, how to fund schools, and how health care centers are closed due to staff shortages throughout the state. No, and now is the time for the government to answer the phone, meet people and build their solutions. "

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Ryan Meil ​​i said: And of course, her time as a councilor of the MLA and the school board is to connect with people. She really has that emotional intelligence. She said, "

When she was asked about the seats of Sasaktoon Meewasin Ryan, she said she would have problems if the NDP lost seats. "Nothing is given, especially in by-elections when turnout is very low."

By-elections by the end of the year It is planned.