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Casey Lawrence gets a battlefield promotion for Blue Jays

Right-hander Casey Lawrence has been kicking around baseball since the Blue Jays signed him 12 years ago. Now 34, he knows why he was called up for yesterday’s doubleheader and did an admirable job eating innings in the early game after Kevin Gausman left with a foot injury.
Right-handed Casey Lawrence He has been playing baseball since the Blue Jays signed him 12 years ago. Now 34, he knows why he was called to the doubleheader yesterday and did a great job eating innings early in the game after Kevin Gausman suffered a leg injury.Photo courtesy of Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Casey Lawrence is Kevin Costner's Crash Davis Very similar to the character of. In Bullderram.

After 13 professional season games, I didn't see many 34-year-old relief players. As a result, he was summoned by Buffalo three days after nearly 100 pitches and immediately rushed into an urgent long bailout. It wasn't his first rodeo. He threw 87 and hit six Tampa Bay Rays.

"I know what my role is, so it's all in my job description," Lawrence said on Saturday.

He said starter Kevin Gausman dragged after two innings, smashing short-armed Jays into one-eighth of the final 6-2 defeat. saw.

"Lower your head and immerse yourself in the game as much as you can. In such situations, you throw your routine out the window."

Lawrence raises No one else was in the bullpen when trying to keep his team in a game where the attack on Toronto was stopped by Ace Shane McClanahan. Like Gausman, Lawrence shot back from the box.

"A little ice, Adville and I'm okay. You feel a guy like Kevin, you don't want to see someone fall, but you go You have to be ready, you have a job to do. "

A 6-foot Pennsylvania called a" twig "was signed by Jaze 12 years ago and is a minor. After the stint, he eventually made his debut with them and later spent a year in Japan in Seattle, Minnesota. In 2021, he returned to Toronto's fold . Along the way, , I saw some of his fellow pitchers knocked down when he couldn't get the glove with a hard-hit ball.

"You try not to think about it. If so (it's distracting). It's out of our control. I'm (in my head) how many bad things I saw, T.J. The spring training house in Lakeland (formerly Jay) was scared. "But there are also batters (struck). You need to remember that those guys are standing there. The head is the area you don't want to see anything. "

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