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China military exercises show ambitions beyond Taiwan, warns Taipei

Taiwanon Tuesday,China'smilitary exercises not only rehearse the invasion of autonomous islands, but also to large-scale domination Warned that it reflects the ambitions of. The zonal zone of the western Pacific when Taipei conducted its own exercises to emphasize that it was ready to protect itself.

Angry at the Speaker of the US House of RepresentativesNancy Pelosi'sOn a recent visit to Taiwan, China sent military ships and planes across the midline that separates both sides of the Taiwan Strait and missiles. Fired. The sea area surrounding the island. The training, which began on Thursday, disrupted flight and transport in one of the busiest zones of world trade.

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Tension Ignoring the call to soften the exercise, instead of Beijing, extended the exercise without announcing when it would end.

Taiwan's diplomatic ministry, Wu Yan, not only aimed to merge democracy on the mainland and split islands during the 1949 civil war, but China ruled in the western Pacific. Said he wanted to establish. That includes controlling the East China Sea and South China Sea via the Taiwan Strait and imposing a blockade to prevent the United States and its allies from supporting Taiwan in the event of an attack, he said at a press conference in Taipei. Told.

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Exercises show China's "strategic ambitions beyond Taiwan" claiming Beijing is its territory Wu said it is showing.

"China has no right to interfere with or change Taiwan's democracy or interaction with other nations," he added.

Taiwan accuses China of simulating invasion after Pelosi's visit

Wu's assessment of China's operations Was more subtle than other observer ratings, but Beijing is trying to expand its influence in the Pacific, where the United States has extensive treaty partnerships with military bases.

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China said a visit to Pelosi prompted training, but Wu said Beijing was on her trip. It works for a long time in the work that states that it is used as an excuse to intimidate. China also banned some Taiwanese food imports after the visit, blocking dialogue with the United States on issues ranging from military contact to cross-border crime and the fight against climate change.

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The United States does not have formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan in honor of Beijing, but the island can defend itself Concerns that are legally required to guarantee and treat all threats to it as a serious issue. It leaves the question of whether Washington will send troops if China attacks Taiwan. US President Joe Biden has repeatedly stated that the United States is obliged to do so, but staff immediately ignored those comments.

Through its operations, China may be approaching Taiwan's borders and ultimately seeking to establish new normals that can control access to island ports and airspace. But it will probably elicit a strong reaction from the island's army. Their people strongly support the status quo of de facto independence.

Taipei's main patron, the United States, has also shown its readiness to face the Beijing threat.

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Geopolitical Beyond risk, the Taiwan Strait, an important boulevard of world trade, is an international supply chain when the world is already facing turmoil and uncertainty as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and the war in Ukraine. Can have a significant impact on. In particular, Taiwan is an important provider of computer chips for the global economy, including China's high-tech sector.

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Taiwan has become more vigilant in response to training, but has refrained from taking aggressive countermeasures so far. I came.

On Tuesday, the army held live artillery training in Heito-gun on its southeastern coast.

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The military will continue to train and build up its strengths to combat threats from China, said General Lou Woei-jye, a spokesman for Taiwan's Eighth Army Command. "No matter what the situation ... this is the best way to protect our country."

Once a Japanese colony, Taiwan had a loose connection with China in the empire, 1949. Divided into the mainland. Despite having never ruled the island, China's ruling Communist Party has sought it as its territory. In addition to ratcheting up a military threat, diplomatically and economically isolating it.

Washington argued that Pelosi's visit did not change "one China policy." This means that the United States has no position on both sides, but hopes that their conflict will be settled peacefully.

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