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Conservative MPs are free to participate in this summer's "freedom" protest: Bergen

With the support of the national capital against the protests of the anti-mission "freedom" movement expected over the weekend of Canada Day, interim conservative leader Candice Bergen said her members are free. I am saying that I can attend.

"I support peaceful and legitimate demonstrations. If my lawmakers want to be there, they are free to do whatever they want and they are composed of them. I will answer the members, "Bergen said in an interview with CTV. The question period will be broadcast on Sunday.

In protest of the remaining COVID-19 restrictions, the event will be held in Ottawa before and after national holidays. Participants from this winter's "Freedom Convoy", the occupation of Wellington Street, and the precincts of Congress are expected to return. A group, Veterans for Freedom, has indicated that it plans to set up camps on the outskirts of the city throughout the summer to continue protesting the remaining COVID-19 restrictions.

Ottawa police will call for support fromRCMPand have vowed to set up a car control zone in the core for national holidays and will not allow it. Repeated anti-vaccine orders and predominantly anti-government protests that plagued downtown streets in January and February and afflicted residents.

Last week, the heads of several convoys returned to Parliament Hill to meetmore than 20 conservative MPs, during which the organizers opposed vaccines and mandates. I gave a presentation.

One of the presenters is marching across Canada against vaccination orders and will arrive at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on June 30 and return to the capital to complete the march. It was James Top, a soldier of the. Arrival there is expected to coincide with the expected Canadian Day protest.

Bergen hasn't attended a recent event and has no plans to go to Ottawa for Canada Day, but this winter he met with convoy participants. According to ainternal email obtained by CTV News, Bergen, who played a new leadership role at the time, did not instruct senior Conservative lawmakers to leave Ottawa for members of the truck driver corps. Instead, he advised me to protest the Prime Minister's problem.

When asked for a message she thinks she would send that members of her caucuses consider themselves an ally of convoy participants, Bergen wants to hear them. Conservatives have shown that they are ready to listen to those who think, "I strongly support Canadians who were and still are against forced vaccines."

After expressing support for truck drivers and convoys involved in the protests that blocked the streets and borders of Ottawa this winter, the Federal Conservative Caucus was very much in the hands of the government invoking an emergency law. It was critical.

Bergen resigns from what she considers to be misleading in Congress, as it relates to whether police have requested the unprecedented emergency power granted by the state of emergency. We continue to ask Minister Marco Mendicino.

"There is a very high threshold for enacting an emergency law against Canadians. We have always said that we did not believe the government would meet that threshold. It misleads Canadians and probably does not meet the criteria, "he said, suggesting that the Liberal Party "did not trust" the ongoing committee review and national investigation.

In another interview on Sunday's show, when asked if the minister thought he misunderstood Congress, government patriarch Mark Holland said he thinks his colleagues were clear. ..

"The question here is whether you consulted the police. Yes. Did the police use these tools? Yes. Then the police did not see the end of these tools. Revealed that it is important to resolve the terrible situation in the besieged city. Yes. "

Candidate for the Leader of the United Conservative Party (UCP) in Alberta In a recent blog post detailing why he opposed doing so, Conservative Rep. Michelle Lempel Garner was a state and federal party.

"Both parties erupted on national media pages, public collapse, almost overlooked physical battles, coups, smear jobs, leaked recordings and confidential emails, serious problems. There was a lack of consensus on the law of the caucuses, people harassed until they resigned their roles, and hours of meetings where members were exposed to hours of public accusations, "read her post. is. Some of her fellow conservative MPs threatened to take her out of the caucuses.

"I haven't experienced it," Bergen said. And, as you know, even if we don't agree ... yes, there was a dispute, but my message to the caucuses is that we can disagree and unite.

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