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A cruise ship hitting an iceberg arrives in Seattle for repairs

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The Associated Press

Associated Press

Seattle (AP) — A cruise ship that struck an iceberg in Alaska anchored in Seattle for repairs.

Norwegian Sun arrived in Seattle on Thursday. It struck part of the iceberg near the Hubbard Glacier in Alaska on Saturday.

The ship was directed to Juneau, where it was inspected. Authorities have allowed slow travel to Seattle.

The Nevada family on board says the shock sounded like a big door closed.

Benjamin Talbot was playing with his family when his brother Anthony Lomo noticed something in the water and told him to pick up the phone. Talbot recorded when a cruise ship struck a large mass of icebergs.

"Then suddenly the boom, the whole ship shakes. And I thought," Well, what's going on? "So I had to start recording, so the front of the ship When I saw, this iceberg just turned over and came down. And I mean, it was like we hit an iceberg, "he said.