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Delaware Parliamentarians conclude this year's legislative session

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Delaware Dover (AP) — Delaware General Assembly legislates this year in a series of actions on a secondary bill on Thursday after a successful push. The majority of Democrats who conclude the meeting will enact more attention-grabbing measures to tighten gun ownership and increase access to the Associated Press.

Governor John Carney put an exclamation mark on the last day of the session and of gun control measures his fellow Democrats broke through the General Assembly after recent mass shootings in other states. I signed the package.

These bills ban some types of semi-automatic firearms and magazines that can hold more than 17 bullets, and buy most firearms from 18 to 21 years old. Includes pulling up to. Limits the exemption from proceedings of gun manufacturers and distributors, returns control of background checks to buy guns from the federal government to the state, and bans the use of devices that convert firearms into fully automatic weapons. ..

"This historic gun safety law would not have been possible without the dedication of supporters calling for action throughout the state," Kearney said in a statement after the bill was signed. "I would like to thank the members of the General Assembly for working to pass these bills before the end of the session." Prior to the ruling, Delaware passed several steps to ensure access to abortion. In 2017, Delaware became the first state after Donald Trump codified the right to abortion. The bill, signed by Catholic Kearney, guarantees a free right to abortion before the fetus is considered "survivable." The law also states that in a doctor's "honest medical judgment", if an abortion is necessary to protect the life or health of a woman, or the fetus cannot survive without special medical measures. If there is, allow post-survival abortion of the fetus.

In April, Kearney signed a bill allowing doctors' assistants and senior registered nurses to prescribe abortion-inducing drugs such as mifepristone and misoprostol. Lawmakers submitted a bill signed by Kearney this week. The bill allows doctors' assistants, certified nurses, and nurse midwives to have an abortion before they survive. The new law also includes various legal protections for abortion providers and patients, including out-of-state residents who have had an abortion in Delaware. These provisions include protection from civil proceedings in other states related to abortion and personal protection from handing over to other states for criminal accusations related to abortion.

On Wednesday, the Democratic Party introduced measures to enshrine the right to abortion in the Delaware Constitution.

Again this year, the Democratic Party has promoted measures to make it easier for people to vote, approving same-day registration and submitting an invoice by mail without the need for photo ID. Each bill received one Republican vote in a Democratic-controlled parliament. The mailed voting bill was finalized on Wednesday. It's been less than three weeks old.

Democrats have been less successful in trying to legalize the recreational use of marijuana by adults and create a state-owned cannabis industry. Earlier this month, Congressman failed to veto Kearney's veto on the legalization bill, which was a prerequisite for establishing a state-licensed and regulated marijuana industry.

Meanwhile, when the state's financial resources were full, lawmakers approved a record-setting spending plan for the fiscal year beginning on Friday.

On Tuesday, Kearney signed an operating budget of $ 5.1 billion. This is an almost 6% increase from the 2022 budget of $ 4.77 billion. The new budget includes a salary increase for state employees ranging from 2% to 9% and a one-time bonus of $ 500. The operating budget will be added to the $ 378.6 million “one-time supplementary expenditure” that includes paid parental leave and funding for various other initiatives.

Wednesday lawmakers also gave final approval to a record $ 1.46 billion capital budget for construction and transportation projects. This is an increase from the record $ 1.35 billion capital budget approved last year. The new capital budget includes $ 331.4 million for transportation projects, $ 285.2 million for school construction, and $ 90 million for "community redevelopment and redevelopment." It also includes $ 10 million for school safety and security funds.

The final element of the spending package is a free invoice that pays taxpayers money to community organizations, nonprofits, and volunteer fire departments. Grant claims approved on Thursday night went from a record $ 63 million last year to a record $ 69.4 million.

Among other bills finalized on Thursday, mandated state-wide mental health education programs in all district and charter school grades, established a junior high school mental health service unit, There was a measure requesting a health insurance plan that covered the health of the year's behavior Check carefully.